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[edit] GLB Announcements

The most recent Admin Announcements are listed on your Home page. This is where Bort (or another Admin) will post about the upcoming season, Flex Point giveaways, and major changes to the game. Note: minor game changes are posted in the changelog. The archive of Admin Announcements is located here:

From time to time, Bort and Catch22 will host a Q&A thread in the GLB Main forum. These Q&A sessions are archived here: These threads contain answers from Bort and Catch22 about specific details of the game. When you peruse these, just keep in mind that as the game continues to evolve, some of the information in older Q&A sessions may now be out of date. The most recent Q&A threads are more likely to contain information relevant to the way the game currently works, while older archived Q&A threads will be of value to users curious about GLB's development over the years.

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