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There are now two ways to acquire Advanced Equipment.


[edit] Buying AEQ

You can purchase a piece of Advanced Equipment by clicking the "buy Equipment" link on your player's EQ page. You can choose whihc attribute, special ability, and % bonuses your EQ has but each option has a bonus token price. Each upgrade also then costs 30 bonus tokens. If you sell back your AEQ you will receive a refund of any bonus tokens you spent to upgrade your piece, but you will not receive any of the tokens spent on creating your piece.

[edit] Stacking bonuses

On advanced equipment, for each additional piece you wear the effectiveness of that piece is reduced by 50%. It works as follows:

  • 1st piece of AEQ - 100% value of the +%
  • 2nd piece of AEQ - 50% value of the +%
  • 3rd piece of AEQ - 25% value of the +%
  • 4th piece of AEQ - 12.5% value of the +%

For example, if you had three pieces of +20% Force Fumble gear, this would be the total stack value:

  • +20%*100%=+20%
  • +20%*50%=+10%
  • +20%*25%=+5%

[edit] Rolling for AEQ

If you would like to try your luck you can still attempt to randomly roll for a piece of AEQ. Each roll costs (3) Bonus Tokens. When rolling you will be presented with a set of gear option at random. Starting at level 31, the number of items generated per refresh of the store will increase by 1 for every 10 player levels. To then acquire your rolled pieces you need to spend bonus tokens to buy them. The bonus token cost here is much less than buying one using the traditional style. Bonus tokens spent on rolling for items and purchasing them are also considered creation tokens and are non-refundable.


Buying a +3 Speed/+1 Pummel piece straight up starts with a cost of (40+60) 100 Bonus Tokens.

If you roll that same piece in the store on your first roll it would cost 3 tokens to roll and 18 to buy it. Meaning 21 vs 100 token cost.

[edit] External Links

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