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What is the most efficient use of bonus tokens? This guide will try to explain which option is the most useful. Luckily we have a choice, some people like upgrading equipment, and some people like the temporary boost.


[edit] What does a Temporary Boost get you?

To add a temporary +bonus to any attribute(s) for one non-playoff game it will cost between 2 BT - 12 BT. You can add up to two different attribute bonuses per game, up to a maximum of +5 per attribute. These bonuses will automatically disappear after the next game is played. A +1 bonus costs 2 BT, a +2 costs 5 BT, a +3 bonus costs 8 BT, a +4 bonus costs 10 BT, and a +5 bonus costs 12 BT.

[edit] Why is it good?

  1. It gives you a boost to any attribute for one game that might make a difference.
  2. You get to have an immediate update to your player.

[edit] Why is it bad?

  1. The temporary boost isn’t enough to matter much, and it doesn't work in the playoffs where you really could use it the most. Imagine 50 vs. 55 in an attribute, no big deal. How about 90 vs. 95. I’ll pass.
  2. By using tokens this way you miss out on all the upgrade/extra SA's from AEQ.

[edit] Permanent bonus

If you use 12 Bonus tokens you get a permanent +1 Skill Point for your player

[edit] What does Upgrading Advanced Equipment get you?

Every 8 Bonus tokens you can upgrade one piece of advanced equipment. This upgrade is a +1 to an attribute of your choice and an upgrade to the gear’s SA and/or +percent skill chance. Every upgrade the percent goes up by 1%. Every second upgrade the SA goes up by +1.

  • When you first buy any piece of advanced equipment it is considered level 0.
  • After your first upgrade it is considered level 1 (a player under level 8 can upgrade advanced equipment once, if they have 8 bonus tokens). Your first upgrade you will receive +1 to any attribute and +1% increase (if the item has a percent skill chance).
  • Your next upgrade is at level 8, at this point you will receive +1 attribute, +1 SA and a +1% (if the item started with +SA or percent skill chance).

[edit] Why is it good?

  1. AE gives you the ability to boost a SA for the price of a single upgrade.
  2. You can store your tokens at a refund value of 100% for upgrades on any piece of gear even if you don’t have your end game piece.
  3. When you upgrade your gear you get + attributes, and +SAs and +percent (if the item has those things).
  4. AE Gear can be used to stack tokens so you can sell back and use temporary tokens if you need to boost say 10 games one season.

[edit] Why is it bad?

  1. At the beginning when you get a piece of gear it’s probably crap compared to what you have now. A +2 attribute and +1 SA vs +5 in one item at level 32.
  2. It takes a few seasons to make the gear better then the regular gear.
  3. You have to shop to find a new piece, and only 3 show up at a time if you are at low levels.
  4. Players can go shopping many times over and not find a piece of equipment that is relevant to their position.
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