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[edit] What are Alerts?

Alerts are important messages regarding your player(s) or team(s).

[edit] What types of Alerts are there?


Users are notified when their players receive contract offers from teams. Team owners are notified when a player accepts or rejects a contract.


Players are notified when they have been traded, once the trade is complete. Team owners are notified when they receive a trade offer and when a trade they've made has been accepted.

Friendly Challenges

You are notified when someone challenges you to a scrimmage.

Team Owner Alerts

Team owners, and GM's who are co-owners, can send an alert to all agents with players on the team. These alerts appear on the player's home page as a flashing 'ALERT' icon. Clicking the icon will allow the player to read the alert.

  • Note to Owners: Do not use this as your Twitter feed. The alerts are there to direct an agent's attention to something important. Do not use the Alert function carelessly; we all know the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. If you over-use the alert function, your team might dismiss your alerts and end up missing some truly important information.
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