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[edit] What is boosting?

  • Boosting is an opportunity to automatically level up your player. When you boost a player you receive 6 skill points to spend on your player's attributes.
  • You can boost your player up to 3 levels per season. You will need Flex Points or reward points to do this. Boosts don't roll over. So if you don't boost in a season then those boosts are gone forever.
  • Once you have boosted your player 25 times, you receive an additional 20 Skill Points to spend on that player.
  • To Boost click on the Flex Points tab at the top of the page, then where it says Level Up a Player, click boost and it will give you a drop down box where you select which player to level up and how many levels (up to 3) you want to boost him. You can also boost players from the "boost player" link above your player's list on your agent page, from this link you can boost multiple players at one time.
  • It cost the same amount per level to boost a player as it cost to create him.
  • The last day to boost for the season is the usually the last day of the offseason. It's a good idea to boost on day 41 since you don't earn any XP for training during the offseason (just in case you forget). After day 40 it is the offseason, you can still boost, but its not always clear on the number of days it lasts for. Offseason usually lasts 5-7 days, depending on updates.
  • You can boost a player until they are 281 days old. Normally, this will get you 30 boosts across your player's life before Player decline begins.

[edit] Boosting and Level Cap Restrictions

While conducting testing of potential player builds, we found that the new growth rate of Accelerated Player Development led to players reaching higher levels and that there was the possibility of reaching higher levels with a limited amount of boosts. Because of this, we are making an additional adjustment to make boosting more worthwhile for our valued paying customers. What we will be doing is implementing a rolling maximum level cap based upon the number of times a player has boosted. Once you have have hit a cap you will stop earning XP and the ability to level up any further. The maximum number of boosts possible under the new system is 30 - boost upon creation, boost each of the player's first 7 seasons, boost at pre-season of player's 8th season, and plateau boosts once a player reaches 281 days of age. The level caps are based off of this maximum and are as follows:

  • 30 boosts - Level 79
  • 29 boosts - Level 78
  • 28 boosts - Level 77
  • 27 boosts - Level 76
  • 26 boosts - Level 75
  • 25 boosts - Level 74
  • 24 boosts - Level 73
  • 23 boosts - Level 72
  • 22 boosts - Level 71
  • 21 boosts - Level 70
  • 20 boosts - Level 69
  • 19 boosts - Level 68
  • 18 boosts - Level 67
  • 17 boosts - Level 66
  • 16 boosts - Level 65
  • 15 boosts - Level 64
  • 14 boosts - Level 63
  • 13 boosts - Level 62
  • 12 boosts - Level 61
  • 11 boosts and under - Level 60

[edit] Cost of a boosting a player for entire life of a dot

Creation = 300
30 Boosts x 300 = 9000
Custom Equip = 1100
Total = 10,400 Flex Points

FB/TE/ALL Defense
Creation = 200

30 Boosts x 200 = 6000 Custom Equip = 1100
Total = 7,300 Flex Points

Creation = 100
30 Boosts x 100 = 3000
Custom Equip = 1100
Total = 4,200 Flex Points

[edit] Experience Table

Level ~Max XP/gm XP/day
1-15 625 50
16-31 500 50
32-40 375 50
41-52 375 25
53-68 250 25
69+ 125 25

[edit] What's the best method to boosting?

It's best to boost one boost at a time if you plan on hitting a cap with a specific attribute. Consider you have 3 boosts left and are planning on using all three. If you are a few skill points away from hitting a soft cap the best method is to first boost 1x. Then assign your skill points until you get over the cap. Then boost 2x and assign points. What this does is gives you a double bonus to the leveling points you get in the attribute you capped. You will essentially earn double the skill points from the automatic points that are awarded each level in that attribute. If you did all 3 at once you would only earn points in that attribute from leveling at the pre-softcap level.

Let's take an example of a C who get's 1 point per level for strength.

If he is at 30 boosts 3 times and then applies all 18 SP's to strength he goes to 48 30+3+18=48 If he is at 30 boosts then applies his skill points 3 times over he is still at 48. 30+1+5+1+5+1+5=51

But is he is at 45 boosts 3 times and then applies all 18 SP's he will be 45+3+(18 x 0.5)=57

Now if we boost 1 at a time we get a benefit. 45+1+2+(3 x 0.5)+1+(6 x 0.5)+1+(6 x 0.5)= 57.5

[edit] When is it best to boost?

Below is the guideline for any players under level 24. If you are level 24 or higher you should consider boosting day 1. Your XP is capped for training and the difference between game XP at 24 and game XP at 30 is 33 XP. At level 29 all XP gains are capped. If you are level 29+ there is no advantage at all in waiting. At level 24-29 there is a small XP advantage for game only XP. Boosting from 24 to 27 will cost you 20 XP off your Game Max. 26 to 29 will cost you 20 XP off you game max. Little but some. One reason to hold until 29 is at 29 you can boost 3x and buy 32 gears immediately (assuming you have the cash)

  • Playoff Bound Players - 2 hours before your first playoff game. That way you get max benefit from the XP the night before and you get max benefit from your boosted attributes for game time.
  • Non-Playoff Bound Players - Wait for Bort's Last Day to Boost Announcement or day 41~46, this will give you max bonus to XP throughout the playoffs days. It should be on the last day of the offseason around day 46. During the offseason you don't get any XP so you can boost between days 41 and ~day 46.

For boosting, a good strategy is to wait until the end of the season just before playoffs, because you will earn more XP during the season since you are a lower level. However, if you boost early in the season then you will have a 3 level advantage during the regular season over your opponents who are waiting until the end. Given the same amount of plays, the late boosters will probably be a higher level then a early booster during playoffs.

The extra XP you get from being lower level isn't going to help you much if you're sitting on the bench because someone higher level has taken over your spot. And while you're warming that bench up, you can watch your teammates earning WAY more XP then you getting actual plays.

[edit] Boosting for Veteran Experience

Starting at level 25, players receive veteran points which they can spend on veteran abilities. Accordingly, you may prefer to boost level 22 players immediately to level 25 to gain veteran points earlier in the player's development, at the cost of a marginal loss of XP compared to players who wait until the end of the season to boost. Lately, this convention has been more popular because of the new VAs. See a related forum discussion arguing the merits of boosting early for veteran points: Should level 22's boost early to start getting Vet Exp?.

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