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Bort stalker is a collection of quotes directly from the creator of GLB himself. In this page we will attempt to capture all of Bort's posts in the Forums as quotes, with links to the original post(s) for tracking purposes. This is separate from "Project Bort".


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[edit] Heading

Originally posted by Bort


[edit] Bort Stalker

[edit] AEQ Clarification

Originally posted by Bort

Things I don't really want to do:

Add another slot for the equipment. It just means you get even more points of bonus, which was not what the upgrade was about. It was more about letting you get SA's and such than additional +1's to your attributes.

What I am considering, and leaning towards:

Letting BT upgrades raise the +% or +SA on the gear by 1/2%, possibly with a max of 3 times (so +4 max SA, +11% max pct).

Letting you merge your basic equipment into your advanced equipment somehow, at 50% or something, with a BT cost.

Doing a graduated scale on upgrades in BT's (6/8/10, etc)

[edit] AEQ Question

Originally posted by Bort

Right now it's just a +1 attribute for 10 bonus tokens(as stated in the FAQ) though we are debating additional ideas in the suggestions forum, so things might change a bit as the season goes on. Right now I'm leaning towards increasing the bonuses on SA's and % chances as well when you upgrade, but we're not 100% decided on that one.

[edit] Update on Things

Originally posted by Bort

1) Thinking that just because I released something at the end of the season (i.e. equipment, training) that it must have taken months to do and superceded anything else, when in fact it took a couple days at the end of the season and I spent the whole previous month working on the things they are complaining about not getting any attention.

2) Try to actually play fair and be courteous to others, instead of trying to screw other people over, and berate them every chance you get. Think about the other person on the other side of the intarwebs.

3) Provide specific constructive criticism on stuff they don't like, instead of "it's broke, fix it" or "this sucks but I'm not going to say why I think so." Some people are really great at this; others, not so much.

I know, I know, a lot to ask for.

[edit] Game is broke

Originally posted by Bort

I just kinda see a reversal of roles on who is complaining this season. Last season and the season before, the player only agents were complaining they didn't get any updates. Now team owners are complaining they didn't get any updates and they want a major overhaul to an AI system that is barely a month old and I spent the entire last season fixing and refining. We'll get to it, but it's not going to be an overnight deal.

Originally posted by Bort

The fact of the matter is that I spent pretty much the ENTIRE last season making updates and fixes to the sim and the AI stuff, and I'm still doing it every day now. Sim related stuff probably gets 70-80% of my time on average.

The training stuff took a few days!!! I didn't spend a month working on it. I spent 3-4 days. I spent a month (the season's length) working on everything the owners are complaining about me not spending time working on. It takes a lot of time to test and get things right. We're in season 5, I've been working on it every season for large swaths of time, and yet we're still not where I'd like it to be.

Those agents that were complaining about not having things to spend points on with their players were saying it was a dealbreaker for them, just like owners are saying the AI is a dealbreaker for them now. They wanted something to do every day with their player, and we gave it to them.

[edit] Borts replies about equipment from last night

In Response to: Question though...does the +percentage go off pre-equipment attributes, or does it count equipment?

Originally posted by Bort

EQ counts.

Originally posted by mw54finest: So when we spend 10 bonus tokens + cash to upgrade the advanced equipment, does it add to the % or add attribute?

Originally posted by Bort

No, it's just +'s to attribute like your normal upgrades. So, if you start with a +3 item, for instance, you could upgrade it to a +6 or +7 or more depending on how many tokens you want to spend and how much cash you have for the upgrade.

Originally posted by Nixx: Ah. You mentioned a few days ago that we'd be able to get like +4 to an SA with advanced equipment. Does this mean the item will start with +4 SA, there is no upgrading it (since we can only upgrade attributes)?

Originally posted by Bort

There are 4 equipment the math

Originally posted by datongw: Hey Bort, are the special equipment different for players of different levels?

I mean low level players will buy +1 equipments. But Level 30 guy will see +10% or +4 equipments.

Originally posted by Bort

Yes, the available stuff gets better the higher level you are.

Originally posted by mw54finest: How do we tell apart the Unique/rare equipment?

Originally posted by Bort

There isn't any yet (as mentioned in the OP announcement)

Originally posted by datongw: BTW, is there a list explaining what the special abilities are/do?

For example: What exactly does Pass Distance Chance +2% mean? Pass accuracy for long pass +2%? Or is it longer passes thrown +2%?

[edit] Formations only producing 1 play

Regarding certain formations only producing 1 play, making it easy for defensive coordinators to scout the game + abuse certain plays.

Originally posted by Bort

Yes, I would like to add some new plays, for this reason and also to have the ability to add more options to the offense AI.

Wasn't there a thread floating around soliciting new plays? If not, there should be.

I've got some in my email box from various users to look through as well.

I'm focusing mainly on fixing some of the problems with a few of the current plays first, and then I'll look at adding some more. Anyway, I can probably get some more put in within the first week or so of the season, as long as nothing majorly blows up.

[edit] Pathing Changes and New stuff

About some pathing changes for season 5 and stuff Bort is currently working on:

Originally posted by Bort

Run pathing got an update this offseason (as mentioned in my announcement).

It's now a combination of the double-pass algo and new path calculation only every so many ticks instead of each tick, frequency depending on elusive/combo/power settings.

Only change I made to the off tackle play, though, is the short RB pause at the beginning to give the FB time to get moving and get to the hole.

Originally posted by Bort

Well, I'll make a few adjustments tonight to see if I can nail down what you're talking about. Defense and blocking shouldn't have been affected by the pathing change, since that code block that I updated is only called when the player has the ball. Maybe the "lead ahead" amount needs some updating or something.

Originally posted by Bort

The run to a "cutoff point" based on the players' current vectors and velocities. If the "fudge factor" coefficients in the formula are off from what they need to be, they could overpersue by calculating out the vector too far, or too short, etc. Oh yeah, and pump fakes don't make the guy freeze any more - he just sort of heads in a direction similar to the one he was taking when he gets faked, which I guess is harder to tell when it worked, but less likely to make it a game-breaker TD all the time. Some of the CB's backing off or going the wrong way could have gotten faked out.

[edit] Site Slowness

Originally posted by Bort

Recruiting forums FTL. Whenever it's busy recruiting time, the forum database gets slammed with tons of requests really quickly and it can't keep up. One of the reasons we're trying to get everyone moved to the marketplace - it's actually built with quick searching of relevant information in mind (indexes, etc).

[edit] Carrying affects dropped passes

Originally posted by Mobius: Wouldn't it make sense that the sim would have some sort of transition phase from catching to carry for YAC? If the defender hits the receiver anytime during this short phase the ball could get dislodged causing a drop or incomplete?

Originally posted by Bort

If you watch enough replays you will see WR's dropping the ball from getting touched right after catching it, so you're right on the money.

[edit] SA's over 10

Originally posted by Bort

SA at 11 works fine. It's currently just impossible to get it higher, since you can only get a natural 10, and a +1 from your custom equipment. The new equipment stuff will allow you to get some more +1's, though, so you could theoretically get up to 15.

Originally posted by Bort

Yeah they'd be pretty good, but not a huge ton better than 11 really, based on the way that most of them work. Yes it would take a while to get something to lv 15, not to mention all the SP's you have to spend to get to lv 10 naturally!

Originally posted by Bort

Sorta; there's just some special stuff in there for stuff greater than 10 to keep things from getting horribly broken (like autofake every time or something LOL)

[edit] New advanced equipment


Originally posted by Bort

ANYWAY...the new gear can be better than the old gear once you upgrade it, but it can also be worse. It all depends on how you use it. You're not going to get a +5 or +6 item like you can at lv 32 or lv 40 through cash upgrades. You might be able to find a +3 when you're high enough level and then upgrade it over a couple seasons to +5. The new stuff is focused more on getting you +1 SA's or +%'s to do stuff than raw stats.

[edit] Intense Training Sucks

Originally posted by Bort

Originally posted by Bort

So suggest some new exercises with combinations you would like to see.

Originally posted by Voltron: Bort, is there any way to figure out how much using training points raises the amount in your training bar for higher skills?

Originally posted by Bort

'Bout the same as it did before in fractional points. There is some randomness involved as well, along with the chance for a "big gain," so it's kinda "see how it goes" when you choose it.

Originally posted by tjking82: What happens if you are training two skills, one a skill at like 15 and another a skill at like 45?

Originally posted by Bort

15 goes up more than the 45

Originally posted by weather999: What are the little black bars beneath your attribute stats?

Originally posted by Bort

Mouseover them.

Originally posted by Bigmoose: explain to me the black bars. So lets say i do a 2point training in strength. What does the bar say and when? overnight, instantly when i select training? i dont get that bar part.

As soon as you click "train" it will fill up with some percentage of a green bar. When it gets to 100%, you get a +1 to that attribute, right then and there.

Originally posted by Bort

Think of it as along the same lines as spending your SP's.

Originally posted by RTJakarta: So if a full bar = 1 stat point, is gaining 0.xx in a stat like...impossible now?

Originally posted by Bort

Level up partial points still get assigned directly to your stats.

Originally posted by LordEvil: What happens when we boost 3 times at the beginning of season 5? Is it like it used to be?

Originally posted by Bort

Exactly the same.

Originally posted by hoshdude7: What do the red numbers mean?

Originally posted by Bort

Not enough points or cash to do a normal training

Originally posted by dpell: So it's safe to say that we bank training points, so if someone with 20 players weren't to update training for a day or two they wouldn't lose anything, they'd just bank their training points right? We've gone away from the "training happens nightly" model to one where you can train a bunch at once just like spending SP.

Will there be ways to earn extra training points?

Originally posted by Bort

Yes, and maybe

Originally posted by j10er: We're pretty much forced to train on intense because of the bonus tokens. But, now, we can't choose our intense training combo, meaning that, depending on what we're trying to train, the more effective training is Normal. But then we don't get the bonus token. Which means we have to make tough choices...

Originally posted by Bort

Naw, that couldn't be anything like it...

[edit] Regarding players not getting paid

Regarding players not getting paid and being able to release themselves after 3 days. In response to: So are there any plans to actually hold people accountable for going in to the negative with cash?

Originally posted by Bort

The "no pay players" stuff will be turned on at start of season.

[edit] Training Bar

Clarification on the new 'training bar'. In response to: Main part I would like some clarification on is how you spend your "training bar"

Does it have to be 100% to use it? can you use a bar that is only at 50% to get .5 points in a attribute? What happens when I after one night of training my bar fills up 40%, 2nd night 40% more to 80%, third night 40% more to 100%, but what happens to the last 20%? Does it carry over and start a new bar? If not you are wasting training points...

Originally posted by Bort

carryover. get to 120% and you get +1 attribute and 20% in the bar.

[edit] Fame

In response to: From what Bort has said, I'm cautiously optimistic.

Originally posted by Bort

I really really like the idea, as does DD. Some version of it will make its way in as soon as I can get it done. In the meantime you'll have the training and equipment updates coming up.

[edit] Additional Staff

In response to: Most MMOs have dedicated staff that monitor the forums, act as public relations, and (importantly) run in-game events. This would be a good addition.

Originally posted by Bort

Another week or so.

[edit] Punting 4th Down

Regarding someone trying to punt on first down:

Originally posted by Bort

Yes, you cannot punt on anything but 4th down, in order to protect those who were screwing up their AI settings (it happened a lot in the early sims).

[edit] SA Enhancement

In response to: IA simple message explaining that the SA's only enhance already high attributes showing up when a player is created would help a lot.

Originally posted by Bort

That would be spreading misinformation.

[edit] Fame

Partial preview of some things coming next season (mostly related to fame):

Originally posted by Bort

There are still a few loose ends up in the air. Will let you know more as we get close to rolling out the updates.

As for general questions posed:

Yes, a high salary can get you some fame. Not a high bonus, but a good salary. Only applies once a season. Applies to renegotiation's with your current team.

Signing as a FA in a league that's way below your level can actually hurt your fame rating, since people don't want to watch you play scrubs all year.

Reaching certain stats milestones, winning trophies, etc. helps fame.

A high fame rating raises your minimum salary requirement. High fame also gives you access to endorsements to make cash and access to some of the best stuff for improving your player's performance.

Training will most likely end up costing people a little more on average, but not because the price is going up. Intense will actually cost less, but you will want to do it more often if you can.

Just the basics.

[edit] Pathing on Pitch Plays

Regarding pathing on pitch plays (after today's vision update):

Originally posted by Bort

Ok, plays have been updated. RB should head outside pretty much every time. Lemme know how it goes tomorrow.

[edit] Cruise control

Originally posted by Bort

Cruise control lowers your skills down in relation to the team you are playing, so you're basically playing a little above them in most abilities. I forget the exact score difference, but I think it's currently set at +35.

In regards to fixing Vision problem for ball carriers. In response to: He probably won't do it till the offseason because of everyone complaining about changes during the middle of the season.

Originally posted by Bort

No, I'll probably put it in tonight actually, if I feel confident in the other little tweaks involved. I will be unavailable most of the day tomorrow, though, so maybe I should wait until the next day when I can be around to monitor...hrm. It's not like the fix totally changes the landscape, like I'm changing what skills do what - it just makes the runner not try to juke out guys behind him and such.

[edit] Jumping what for?

Originally posted by Bort

Jumping helps quite a few positions in various things. It won't help you block somebody or something like that doesn't make any sense, but it helps with catching, swatting balls, diving tackles, avoiding those low leg tackles, diving for yards, punting, etc.

[edit] Breakaways...

Why can't these players figure out the best way to run toward the endzone?

Originally posted by Bort

Good news is that somebody made an actual good suggestion on a fix for running pathfinding. I'm working with it right now in testing. It's basically a double pass on the "best path" algorithm: one with a long vision distance for a general "avoidance vector" and one with a short, 3-5 yard distance for a "juke vector." Add 'em together, with the juke vector at a stronger strength than the avoidance vector, and it seems to get a pretty good path that really takes the runner's vision into account quite well.

Response to: ETA on implementation?

Originally posted by Bort

Next day or two - I'm doing some last bits of testing to find the right coefficients for the avoidance values. I'm sure it will still not be perfect, but it seems much better so far. KR's work better too. Included with this will also be some tweaks to blocking duration (like I've been talking about) and some more tweaks to the coverage stuff I've been working on, since it's all kinda rolled together at this point.

[edit] Bort on Blocking (Oct 22, 2008 20:32:35)

Originally posted by Bort

You are "run blocking" whenever you're not "pass blocking." Pass blocking = blocking while the QB has the ball and is trying to pass it. You can tell the difference by the way the players move and how the blocks work. Run blocking is about latching on and pushing while pass blocking is more about getting in the guy's way and keeping him in front of you.

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