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Note: D-league and World league teams are not for purchase.


[edit] How do I buy a team?

  • Via your "Flex Points tab, click on "Buy a Team". This will enable you to make a direct purchase of any team that is currently on the open market.
  • From a team's profile page, click on "Buy Team". The team's current flex cost can be verified before making the purchase.
  • Current GMs are eligible to take-over teams. Note: Any assigned GM status will be removed once a GM becomes an Owner.
  • Agents are eligible to own up to nine teams. (3) Regular, (3) Casual, (3) Pee Wee.
  • When purchasing a team, all current human roster will have (3) days to release themselves.
  • Newly purchased teams will have their cash, stadium, and fan support reset to their current tier.
  • If you buy a team on or after day 38, we will give you the last 2 days of the season for free and simply charge full price for the next season, so you don't have your team expire right away.
  • The act of purchasing a team will not reset current roster contracts within the purchasing season.

[edit] Question and Answer

Q. How much does it cost to buy a team?
A. A Regular team costs 1000 flex points for your first two seasons and an extra 400 flex points for each subsequent season. Casual and Pee Wee teams cost 400 flex points for the first season and 400 flex points for each subsequent season.
Q. Are there any prerequisites to buying a team?
A. No, you just need flex points.
Q. Are we allowed to own more than (1) team?
A. Yes. You can own three of each kind of team (Regular, Casual, and Pee Wee), for a total of nine. --
Q. Can I buy more seasons after I already bought the team?
A. Yes, there is now an option to "Extend Team Ownership" on the Flex Points page. Just click the tab and you'll be allowed to buy more seasons.
Q. How can I tell how many days I have left on my owner contract?
A. Go to the Sale Options page. You'll see how many days you have left.
Q. Can I sell my team to another person? If so, how?
A. Yes, but only if the other person has been a GM on your team for at least one season. This has to be done by an Admin - contact Support and they'll take care of that for you.

Most of the time the person selling the team sells it back to the CPU for a prorated price dependent on how long he's owned the team.
Q. Can I name my own team?
A. Yes! But there are some restrictions:

  • Only one name change per owner, but if you make a mistake renaming your team, contact support for help. Note that your logo can be changed as often as you'd like.
  • You cannot name your team after an existing franchise (ie Denver Broncos)
  • Though it's not a rule, it's always better to wait for an off-season to rename your team.

Use common sense when naming your team, and in the interest of continuity and immersion, try to keep the location within the correct geographic region (for example, don't name your new team in Southeast Asia the "London Spelunkers").

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