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  1. Teams offer contracts to players in return for playing on their team. A contract consists of two parts.
  2. Additionally, contracts can have a no-trade clause. This prevents the owner from trading a player to another team.
  3. Players must exercise caution when signing a contract, since there is no way to be released from a contract without the owners permission. Once you sign the owner has all the power, they could make it so you never get to play, or trade you.
  4. Free agents can receive contract offers from teams within their age requirements.
  5. Players that are signed to contracts with D-League teams, or any CPU teams, may also be offered contracts by team owners.
  6. Players currently under contract can only have their contracts renegotiated by their current team.


[edit] Contract Terms

[edit] Daily Salary

  • Each player is paid a daily salary every day he is with a team.
  • This salary is paid overnight, beginning on Day 1 and ending on Day 40.
  • No salary is paid during the offseason (day 41 to whenever it ends).
  • Each player has a minimum and maximum salary allowed, based on his level and other factors.
  • If a player is released from his team, the daily salary is no longer paid.
  • The maximum salary for a player is 2.5x the minimum daily salary.

[edit] Contract Length

  • Contracts end on Day 40.
  • The maximum length of any contract is 3 seasons and the minimum is 1 season.
  • Players level 10 and under can sign short term contracts of 10, 15, or 20 day lengths.
  • Depending on when you signed your contract, your first season could be shorter than any additional seasons you might have signed under the contract.

[edit] No-Trade Clause

  • Offers can also have a no-trade clause. Players with no-trade clause in their contracts cannot be traded to other teams.
  • The only way a player can be traded is to renegotiate another contract that does not have this clause.
  • No-trade clauses are a way for players to protect themselves from being traded to teams they did not intend to play for.
  • If a player wishes to be traded to a specific team, there is no way to guarantee this.
  • Players can only have their owners renegotiate a contract without a no-trade clause. However, owners are free to trade players to any team they want if there is not a no-trade clause.

[edit] Renegotiating Contracts

  • Players already on a team can have their contracts renegotiated.

[edit] Limits on Contracts

See Trade and Cut Rules for information about trade deadlines, rules on when you can trade/cut players, and more.

  • Once a player is signed, he cannot be cut for 6 days.
  • Once a player is cut, he cannot be re-signed to the same team within 20 days.
  • Once a player is signed, he cannot be traded for 3 days.

[edit] How to sign CPU Players

Use search to find them. They are mixed in with human players.

Do not select the following options:

  • Show human players only (no CPU)
  • Include retired players
  • Only show active players (agent has logged in during the last 3 days)

During nightly processing CPU players will accept the highest offer.

[edit] External Links

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