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Choose your player name and position below. Be sure to avoid curse words and offensive names. If you use these sorts of names, your player's name will be changed by admin staff.

Why would you want to create a non-glamor player? Glamor positions are often overloaded with too many players and not enough positions to fill. Non-glamor players are always in demand. If you want to be assured a spot on a good team, choose a non-glamor position such as Offensive Line or DT.

First Name: (Enter a Players First Name)

Last Name:(Enter a Players Last Name)


[edit] Offense Positions:

[edit] Glamor Positions (300 Flex Points):

  • (QB) Quarterback
  • (HB) Running Back
  • (WR) Wide Receiver

[edit] Normal Positions (200 Flex Points):

  • (FB) Fullback
  • (TE) Tight End

[edit] Non-glamor Positions (100 Flex Points):

  • (C) Center
  • (G) Guard
  • (OT) Offensive Tackle
  • (K) Kicker
  • (P) Punter

[edit] Defense Positions:

[edit] Normal Positions (200 Flex Points):

  • (DT) Defensive Tackle
  • (DE) Defensive End
  • (LB) Linebacker
  • (CB) Cornerback
  • (SS) Strong Safety
  • (FS) Free Safety

[edit] Lifetime Player Costs

Below is an example of the cost of creating a player and playing that player to it's max potential.


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