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[edit] Custom Defensive Play Creator

[edit] What is a custom defensive play?

A custom defensive play (CDP) is a play created by a player for use in the Defensive AI (insert link) instead of one of the standard defensive plays provided in the default defensive playbook. You may only create CDPs if you have the “Adjust Defense” GM ability for a non-casual team. Casual teams cannot use CDPs on defense.

[edit] Why use custom defensive plays?

While GLB does provide every non-casual team with a default set of defensive plays for use by the defensive coordinator, innovative players can come up with CDPs that are more tailored to specific situations or personnel.

[edit] How does a user create and edit a custom defensive play?

If a player has the appropriate access, then follow these steps to find the “Defensive Play Builder”:

  • Go to the team page.
  • Click on the “Tactics” tab.
  • Click on the “Custom D Plays” tab. (This is where your list of CDPs is located).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the “Create New Custom Play” button.

This will take you to the Defensive Play Builder page. Here, there is a picture of a partial GLB field with both an offense and defense shown followed by numerous settings to choose from. An explanation of each setting is listed later.

[edit] Base Play Formation

The Base Play Formation selection is the first option given when designing a CDP. The options are the different formations a defense can run—basically defining which personnel are in the game during the play. The options, in terms of personnel:

  • 4-3: 4 defensive linemen (2 DTs; 2 DEs); 3 linebackers (2 OLBs; 1 MLB); 2 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • Nickel: 4 defensive linemen (2 DTs; 2 DEs); 2 linebackers (MLB; LOLB); 3 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • Dime: 4 defensive linemen (2 DTs; 2 DEs); 1 linebacker (MLB); 4 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • Quarter: 3 defensive linemen (1 DT; 2 DEs); 1 linebacker (MLB); 5 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • 3-4: 3 defensive linemen (1 DT; 2 DEs); 4 linebackers (2 OLBs; 2 ILBs); 2 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • Nickel 3-3-5: 3 defensive linemen (1 DT; 2 DEs); 3 linebackers (2 OLBs; 1 MLB); 3 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • Dime 3-2-6: 3 defensive linemen (1 DT; 2 DEs); 2 linebackers (1 LOLB; 1 MLB); 4 CBs; 1 SS; 1 FS
  • 4-4: 4 defensive linemen (2 DTs; 2 DEs); 4 linebackers (2 OLBs; 2 ILBs); 2 CBs; 1 FS
  • Goal Line: 5 defensive linemen (3 DTs; 2 DEs); 1 linebacker (MLB); 2 CBs; 1 SS

[edit] Alignment Settings

The next settings that can be adjusted are the alignment settings for the D Line and the Linebackers. These settings allow the player to adjust how they want the players in those two units to line up for the given play. The options (equivalent for both defensive linemen and linebackers) are:

  • Balanced: the group is evenly spread out from weak side to strong side.
  • Weak: the group is shifted to the weak side (side without the TE).
  • Strong: the group is shifted to the strong side (side with the TE).
  • Spread: the group is shifted away from the middle.
  • Bunch: the group is shifted towards the middle.

[edit] Assignment Options

The final options available to a player building a new CDP are the Assignment Options. These options create the heart of the play and take the most knowledge to use appropriately. There will be two drop-down menus for each position (which positions are shown depends on the Base Play Formation). A third drop-down menu will appear for any positions not assigned to blitz (explained below).

♦ Alignment: To the right of each position, the first drop-down menu is called “Alignment”. The default is “normal”; however, there are several options for some of the positions:

  • Defensive linemen (DTs and DEs) cannot switch away from “Normal”.
  • All non-defensive linemen can be clicked on and moved to other places on the field.
  • Linebackers can also choose from “Shallow” (closer to the line), “Deep” (further away than “normal”), and “Very Deep” (even further away from the line).
  • CBs also have the “Deep” setting if the play needs to call for the CB to start further from the assigned WR.

♦ Assignment: To the right of the Alignment drop-down menu, there is another drop-down menu (default is “Blitz”). The settings here determine what the player at a specific position does during a play. The options:

  • Blitz: the player runs towards the line of scrimmage (LOS) to try to take down the ball carrier.
  • Cover Zone Shallow: the player goes into the part of their zone closer to the LOS.
  • Cover Zone Medium: the player goes into the middle of their zone coverage.
  • Cover Zone Deep: the player goes past the middle of their zone coverage.
  • Cover Zone Immediately: the player has no hesitation in going to the middle of their zone coverage.
  • Cover Man: non-d-linemen can be assigned to cover specific offensive players (based on a priority order determined by the designer).
  • Cover Man w/o Move: exact same as “Cover Man”, but without moving into position.
  • Spy Man: causes the player to watch the QB instead of another skill player.

♦ Zones: When you assign a position to cover zone (under Assignment), several options appear for that position (to the right of the Assignment drop-down menu). The zone coverage terminology:

  • Flat/Under/Deep: Determines how near or far the zone is from the LOS. Flat is nearest to the LOS. Under covers further out than flat. Deep covers an area more than 10 yards from the LOS.
  • Weak/Middle Weak/Middle/Middle Strong/Strong: Determines the position of the zone from sideline to sideline. Weak is the side without the TE. Strong is the side with the TE. Middle is in between the two. Middle Weak and Middle Strong are intermediates.
  • Half/Third/Fourth/Fifth: Determines how large the zone is (width-wise). Half covers half of the field. Third covers one third of the field, etc.

[edit] Naming and saving the play

This is the simplest part of creating a CDP. At the bottom of the page, there is a blank area for the play name to be entered. Just make sure to name the play something that can be easily recognized and differentiated from other play names! Now you can just click save and the CDP is complete. How do I use a custom defensive play? Link to this The Defensive AI Guide will go into more detail on this, but simply put, once, a CDP is created and saved, it can be accessed from the Custom D Plays page in Tactics of the same team that the CDP was created for. The plays can be incorporated into Packages or individually inserted into the Defensive AI.

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