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The Developmental Leagues (commonly referred to as the D-Leagues) are leagues where all teams are CPU owned. They are designed for low level players to gain experience and for new agents to learn the game.

There are 32 developmental leagues in total, with no hierarchy in relationship to each other. This means that there is no promotion and relegation from these leagues.


[edit] Contract offers

  • All free agents level 7 or lower will automatically receive three offers from D-league teams.
    • If all offers (CPU and human) are rejected, three new offers (most likely from different teams) will be sent during the next nightly processing.
  • Contracts are always for 1 year, and you can not renegotiate.
  • Salaries for each team depends on demand for that position on that team. It is advisable that you take the higher offers first, as generally you will get more play time in addition to the higher salary.
  • NOTE: Your players profile page might show that you have 0 contract offers, but you might have 3. Go to the contract offers page to be sure.

[edit] Playing Time

  • The CPU coaches set up the D-Leagues so that everybody gets close to the same amount of play time. So even if your player is a backup, you'll find you're getting about as many snaps as the starter.

[edit] Tactics

  • All D league teams use the same tactics, an even split on everything. So 50% run, 50% pass, and so on.

[edit] Leaving the Team

  • Any player on a D-League team can receive offers from human owned teams at any time.
  • D-League players are allowed to place ads in the Marketplace.
  • If you go inactive for 5 days you will be kicked off of the D league team.
  • If your contract runs out you automatically leave the team.
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