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[edit] Interview with DigitalDaggers

A man of few words, Digital Daggers talks with

by thehazyone

GLBNews: How did you get involved with Goal Line Blitz? When did you and Bort first start talking about it and when did you decide to move forward with it?

Digital Daggers: By being friends with Bort and trying to help out as much as possible with GLB. We decided to move forward towards the end of 2007 with GLB as a side project. We just wanted to make a fun game that folks might enjoy playing. We didn't expect the demand to be as high as it is, that's for sure.

GLBNews: - Bort is kind of the "brains" of GLB, with many people seeing you as the "brawn." Many people are unsure exactly what your role is at GLB. Here's your chance to tell them. What is it that you do on a daily basis for Goal Line Blitz?

Digital Daggers: Pssshaw, we're co-brains! What I do is I handle a ton of the various day to day business operations. Things like Payroll and PayPal and Taxes and Support and Foruming and Game Development, etc. Jack of all trades, so to speak. Bort and I both work 7 days a week too.

GLBNews: - You and Bort both gave up your jobs to pursue Goal Line Blitz full time. With having a new born child, was this a hard/scary decision for you? What kind of things did you have to take into consideration when making this decision.

Digital Daggers: It was very scary to change jobs for sure, but you must strike while the iron is hot and I had to go for the chance to run a business with Bort. My family is the most important thing in my life and I had to make the move that would benifit us all the best.

GLBNews: - Speaking of the new born child, how's being a Dad going?

Digital Daggers: My daughter is the best thing in my life, hands down. She is about 7 months now and looks to be on her way to being tall like her daddy. She's also learning a TON. So active now and starting to scoot around on the floor some...almost time to really finish "babyproofing" the house! Eloise is her name...and hopefully I can raise her up right!

GLBNews: - You're definitely known for holding no punches when it comes to responding to people in the forums. You've often been called out by users saying that your responses show a poor attitude and poor customer service. What is your response to this general line of thought?

Digital Daggers: As a college graduate (Political Science, University of Oregon) and as someone with years and years of customer support experience I feel like I have a good gist of what is required regarding customer support. Yes, sometimes am I too blunt. Not sure if people have noticed, but I have tried very hard to be nicer to the people who come into the forums and do nothing but hate on the game and the Admins and Mods. I am not perfect, that is for damn sure...but I will continue to try to improve on being nice to all.

We are getting stricter on the forums which helps too. Now instead of calling someone out with a response post I will often just ban them if I see they have shown continual bad behavior.

GLBNews: - The name Digital Daggers, how did you come up with it?

Digital Daggers: Great question. Honestly I can't remember exactly. I have had many online usernames over the years, but this one has "stuck". I am very competitive and love gaming and there is just something I like about "You have been killed by DigitalDaggers" I think.

DigitalDaggers, sharp...and blunt!

GLBNews: - What are some of the ideas and visions that you have for Goal Line Blitz that have yet to be implemented but will likely be added to the game further down the road?

Digital Daggers: Things like Fame/Sportsmanship, Improved Interfaces, WorldWide Tournaments, Embedded/Relevant advertising, the list could go on and on!

GLBNews: - What is the most difficult thing that you have to deal with in your role with GLB?

Digital Daggers: Hmmm...tricky question. I'd say it's a tie between stopping those users who try to 'expoloit" or "game" the system and stopping the users who think they can say or do whatever they want on our forums.

GLBNews: - This was a question I asked Bort, but I think it's a good one to ask you as well. Obviously you'll never be able to please every one. In a game of this nature it's just not possible. Who are you aiming to please then, and what are you going to do to achieve this?

Digital Daggers: We are just trying to please the majority of our users. You are absolutely right that we can't please everyone. Polls help us get raw data without all the bickering that usually accompanies our questions.

GLBNews: - For those that you'll never be able to please, what can you do, if anything?

Digital Daggers: Not much, just try to be understanding of their issues.

GLBNews: - What would you say your biggest accomplishment in relation to GLB is? What are you most proud of?

Digital Daggers: Tough one! I'd say GLB on the whole is our biggest accomplishment. We have been pretty good at making changes/updates I think. Only been public since March and have added in a lot of things already, proud of that.

GLBNews: - What about doing this massive project do you enjoy? Not enjoy?

Digital Daggers: I enjoy the fact that it's a challenge, definitely keeps me on my toes. What don't I enjoy? I'll go with the reduced amount of sleep!

GLBNews: - What would you say your biggest frustrations with GLB are, whether it be with the game or the users?

Digital Daggers: Negative forum posters who add nothing good to any conversation. We appreciate feedback, good and bad...but that doesn't mean I like to see people who constantly bash ideas of other users and bash Admins and Mods and then try to claim it is valuable feedback.

GLBNews: - If you could change one thing that you've done since you've been involved with GLB (that relates to GLB), what would it be and why?

Digital Daggers: I guess I'd try to be nicer to the folks who aren't nice themselves from the very beginning. On the whole I think we've done great so far with the game!

GLBNews: - What is your vision of the future of GLB?

Digital Daggers: Just a more complete and streamlined site. More features for players and owners, more in depth tactics, etc. Eventually we will have GLB in a more "finished" stage and then we will move onto adding baseball.

GLBNews: - rapid fire 20 questions:

1) Least Favorite NFL Team

Cowboys, they were so damn trendy when I was growing up. My favorite team is the Buccaneers. I grew up in Hawaii then moved to Oregon so I never had a local team to root for. Bucs superbowl win over the Raiders was a wonderful day!

2) Least Favorite NFL Player

Pacman Jones?

My favorites = Derrick Brooks and Jonathan Stewart (He'll be a beast for years to come)

3) Least Favorite GLB Team

Don't have one!

4) Least Favorite GLB Player

Whoever sacked my QB last.

5) Least Favorite Food

Not sure, don't really keep track of that. I love Sushi/Japanese and Hawaiian food best.

6) Least Favorite Beverage

Maybe tomato juice? I like it in bloody marys, but that is it.

7) Age


8) First Name


9) Where you live

Portland, Oregon

10) Password to your GLB account so I can give myself free flex points and permaban 1VBChaos. (just kidding, well kinda)

1VBChaos is already forum banned, and NO FREE POINTS FOR YOU!

11) Favorite television show

I lkie too many shows to have just one favorite. I like: Skins, True Blood, Lost, Heroes, Battlestar, Dr. Who, 30 rock, Simpsons, Family Guy, and all kinds of Sporting events.

12) Favorite movie

Once again, way too many to list. Blade Runner, Heat, Usual Suspects, Dune, Last of the Mohicans, Big Lebowski. Surf movies, Wes Anderson Movies, Kurosawa movies.

13) What kind of car do you drive?


14) What kind of car do you want to drive?


15) How many flex points will it take to buy the kind of car you want to drive?

No clue!

16) Who would you rather be locked in a room with, GG or TheStrategyExpert?

GG. We could give each other ZJ's.

17) How many tattoos do you have?

Lots and Lots. I have japanese style half-sleeves on both arms, 3 on my legs, one on my abs, 2 on my chest (half sleeves will eventually connect accross my chest) Yeah, I'm getting more for sure.

18) Favorite type of music?

No one favorite. I love reggae and rock and hip hop, etc. Really depends on the group/artist more than anything.

19) How many pm's a day do you get?

Totally Varies from day to day. I'll go with "Too Many" though, LOL

20) If your plane crashed and you were on a deserted island, what three things would you have to have with you?

Family, Food, Surfboard.

GLBNews: - In closing, anything you want to say to the GLB community?

Digital Daggers: Just a giant THANK YOU! Without our community we wouldn't be able to devote ourselves to GLB like we do. We hope to make this game the absolute best we can!

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