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League Title: Eastern Europe AA #2
Current Season: Season 5


Season Founded: Season 2
No. of Teams: 32, divided into two sixteen-team conferences
Level Cap: None
Title Nickname: Champs
Official Website: Eastern Europe AA #2


Eastern Europe AA #2 is one of four Eastern Europe AA league's.

[edit] Eastern Europe AA #2 Champion's

Season Winner Loser Score
Season 2 Vilnius Maulers Harlem Hustlers 42-3
Season 3 Rhine Red Raiders Chattanooga Lookouts 37-30
Season 4 Achaean Hellhounds Sparta Titans 32-13
Season 5 TBD TBD TBD

[edit] Complete Team List

As of October 11 2008

[edit] Alpha:

Team Name Current Record Owner(s)
Nuremberg NightHawksTeam Page 11-0-0 big jimmy
Georgia GeneralsTeam Page 10-1-0 dwebb12
Aachen SpartansTeam Page 9-2-0 bigboymexikaner
Helsinki DemonsTeam Page 8-3-0 Liltee8869
Balkan AnarchyTeam Page 8-3-0 tracman
Falkirk WheeliesTeam Page 7-4-0 Palewolf
Danzig DevilsTeam Page 7-4-0 Dryht
House AtreidesTeam Page 6-5-0 Rudger
Bosnia RefugeesTeam Page 5-6-0 invisiblerc
Budapest CowboysTeam Page 5-6-0 christos
Elektrenu ŠernaiTeam Page 5-6-0 sois
Ithaca BullsTeam Page 4-7-0 lightforce
Tallinn NightmareTeam Page 2-9-0 azfredbird
Campina Grande DogsTeam Page 1-10-0 FredSobrano
Detroit MuscleTeam Page 0-11-0 Dave Jackzon
Tricity CoyotesTeam Page 0-11-0 Prostitute

[edit] Zeta:

Team Name Current Record Owner(s)
Bad Bay HackersTeam Page 10-1-0 Scandal Silverdust
Berlin BearsTeam Page 10-1-0 mightybear12
Minoan MinotaursTeam Page 9-2-0 slappdogg
Buffalo Range RoamersTeam Page 8-3-0 Billsrgreat
Peloponnese SpartansTeam Page 8-3-0 Ambrose
Chernobyl GlowsticksTeam Page 7-4-0 warcleric
Istanbul TurksTeam Page 6-5-0 sharks87
Romanian RazorbacksTeam Page 5-6-0 sam90
European MisfitsTeam Page 5-6-0 Aaddron
Macedonia GorgonsTeam Page 5-6-0 Wayne Gretzky
East Side ChargersTeam Page 4-7-0 bigpun
College Station ChewpacabrasTeam Page 4-7-0 daraz
Black Russian TerriersTeam Page 4-7-0 hestiansun
Tilean WolvesTeam Page 2-9-0 Mazzolatore
Vantaa LionsTeam Page 1-10-0 TarexC5
Haarlem ReactorsTeam Page 0-11-0 smashrock

[edit] sharks87 Week-by-Week Prediction

Current Week-13

Week 13 Prediction


Nuremberg NightHawks vs Helsinki Demons

Demons surprised Spartans last game and may have booked a nice top 4 spot for the playoffs. NightHawks are in cruise control and won't see this as a hard game.

Nuremberg NightHawks 40-17

Georgia Generals vs Detroit Muscle

Georgia continue to move along nicely and get an easy game this week. Detroit scored their first win last round, enjoy it guys because it will be your only one this season.

Georgia Generals 109-13

Balkan Anarchy vs Falkirk Wheelies

Both teams have hard matches coming up so this game has major importance and both teams need this win. In a close game l would have to pick Balkan... just.

Balkan Anarchy 29-25

Aachen Spartans vs Ithaca Bulls

Bulls have gone back to a computer owned team so this one's a walkover for Spartans who need it after their last round loss.

Aachen Spartans 150-3

Danzig Devils vs Tallinn Nightmare

Tallinn will be a good team in a few seasons time if they stick together but not this season. Devils will enjoy this game and the next as they look to the last 2 hard games coming up.

Danzig Devils 49-14

House Atreides vs Campina Grande Dogs

Dogs have lost their bite but the big question is, can The House get over last rounds 1 point loss.

House Atreides 39-16

Bosnia Refugees vs Tricity Coyotes

Easy win for Bosnia to stay on the edge. Is anyone active in Tricity?

Bosnia Refugees 137-0

Budapest Cowboys vs Elektrenu Šernai

Unless a miracle happens, both teams season is over and the rebuild starts now.

Budapest Cowboys 31-20


Bad Bay Hackers vs Tilean Wolves

Hackers will win this but can they go all the way? There's still a slight doubt about their gameplan under pressure.

Bad Bay Hackers 53-18

Berlin Bears vs College Station Chewpacabras

Easy game for the Bears who's odds of taking it all are shorter every week.

Berlin Bears 102-0

Minoan Minotaurs vs Macedonia Gorgons

Minoan will win this and focus on 5th-8th spot to see who they face off against first.

Minoan Minotaurs 72-0

Buffalo Range Roamers vs Romanian Razorbacks

Razorbacks saw their season go down the drain last round by 1 pt. Roamers are still cruising along but how long can they hold on to that 4th position?

Buffalo Range Roamers 72-19

Peloponnese Spartans vs Istanbul Turks

No way in hell l'm going to let the Spartans beat us this week. Turks will pull out all stops to avoid a 1st round playoff match with the Bears.

Istanbul Turks 22-20

Chernobyl Glowsticks vs Black Russian Terriers

Glowsticks need this to stop the slide as they still have one tough match left on their schedule.

Chernobyl Glowsticks 39-7

European Misfits vs Haarlem Reactors

Misfits are like those racehorses who sit at the back of the field until they turn for the home straight. They have pulled the whip out and are now bolting down the outside.

European Misfits 61-7

East Side Chargers vs Vantaa Lions

Chargers need this to be in the top 8 and Lions, well they are just making up the numbers.

East Side Chargers 89-0

[edit] sharks87 Week-by-Week Playoff seed Prediction

Current Week-12


  • 1 Nuremberg NightHawks (16-0)
  • 2 Georgia Generals (15-1)
  • 3 Aachen Spartans (13-3)
  • 4 Helsinki Demons (12-4)
  • 5 Falkirk Wheelies (12-4)
  • 6 Balkan Anarchy (11-5)
  • 7 Danzig Devils (11-5)
  • 8 House Atreides (9-7)

On the Edge

  • 9 Bosnia Refugees (9-7)


  • 1 Bad Bay Hackers (15-1)
  • 2 Berlin Bears (15-1)
  • 3 Minoan Minotaurs (14-2)
  • 4 Buffalo Range Roamers (13-3)
  • 5 Peloponnese Spartans (12-4)
  • 6 Chernobyl Glowsticks (12-4)
  • 7 Istanbul Turks (9-7)
  • 8 East Side Chargers (8-8)

On the Edge

  • 9 European Misfits (7-9)
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