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Endorsement deals? What's up with that?
Every few in-game weeks, sponsors will award endorsement deals via a sort of lottery to players on each team. The size and type of deal depends on what level the league is.

What do I get out of an endorsement deal?
You get a cash bonus, and will be awarded a unique piece of equipment designed for your position, bearing the name of the company who awarded it. This piece of equipment goes in a special "endorsement" slot, and is removed when your endorsement period expires.

How do I know if I got an endorsement?
You will receive a PM alert that your player has received an endorsement deal.

What types of endorsements are there, and when do they get awarded? How many are there?
There are three types of endorsements:

- Corporate: These endorsements are from the cream of the crop top companies in the region. These endorsements will be awarded to the winners of each conference's MVP race, at the end of the season on day 40. They will remain awarded to these players until the next season's day 40.

- National: These are endorsements from national companies. They are awarded on day 16 of each season to one player per team, selected randomly amongst the top 5 players on the team, ranked by MVP standings. They last until season end.

- Local: These are endorsements from local companies. They are awarded every 8 days (day 8, day 16, day 24, day 32) to two players on each team (one if they already have a Corporate endorsed player), selected randomly via a lottery based on fame earned so far that season. Higher fame earned gives a higher chance of being selected in the lottery.

Do I keep the special item after my endorsement period runs out?
No, it will be removed. The cash is yours to keep, however.

How many endorsements can a player have at once? What if I am eligible for more than one?
A player may only have one endorsement deal at a time. The highest level endorsements outrank the lower level endorsements, so you will not lose out on a Corporate endorsement for a Local endorsement, for instance. This prevents player complaining.

How many endorsements can a team have at once? What if they have too many?
A team can only have 3 endorsements active at a time. If a team has more than 3 when a game simulation is run, 3 endorsements will be chosen at random to be active, and the others will be disabled. If you would like to make sure the endorsements you want are active, make sure extra players remove their endorsement items.

What happens if a team already has some endorsements active when they are awarded?
When endorsements are processed, a team will be skipped over if it already has 3 endorsements, or its players will be awarded endorsements until the team reaches the limit of 3. More than 3 will never be awarded to a single team.

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