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Experience is one of two ways players gain levels (the other is boosting). Players get experience points (XP) when they are on a team's roster at game time, and automatically get a set amount of XP from Nightly Processing. When players get 1000 XP they gain a level and will earn 5 Skill Points to spend on their player. The amount of XP a player gets is as follows:

  • Level: players get less XP as they gain levels, from level 1-40 players receive 50 XP for training, from level 41+ players receive 25 training XP. See the Experience Table for detailed info on the amount of XP per level. Players also earn different levels of XP per game based on their player's level.
  • Players receive maximum game experience (XP) as long as they are on a team's roster.

[edit] No XP Earned

  • You get no experience in playoff games.
  • You get no experience in any scrimmage games.
  • You get no nightly experience in the offseason, Day 41 to whenever it ends, usually Day 48.
    • Last nightly experience is day 39 to 40, there is none starting on day 40 to 41.
  • You get no nightly experience in the preseason, Day -8 to Day 0.
  • You must be on a team to earn game experience

[edit] Experience Table

Level XP/Game XP/Day
1-15 625 50
16-31 500 50
32-40 375 50
41-52 375 25
53-68 250 25
69+ 125 25
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