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Fame is an overall measure of the amount of notoriety your player has received during his career.

[edit] How do I earn fame?

You will earn fame points for each game your player plays, as long as he as at an appropriate level for the league he is in. Fame points are also accumulated by winning trophies, and performing exceptionally well in closely matched games. Supposedly fame will be received by Sportsmanship - Not Implemented in the future, but that has not been confirmed.

[edit] How do I know if my player is at an appropriate level for the league he is in?

Check out the Leagues page. Suggested levels are listed there.

[edit] How are the suggested levels calculated?

Suggested levels are updated every few days, and are based on the median levels of players currently in the league.

[edit] How much fame do I lose out on by not being at the right level?

The further you are outside of the recommended levels, the less fame you will receive, up to and including receiving zero fame. It is much worse to be too high than too low of a level, however.

[edit] What does fame get me?

Certain veteran abilities require a minimum fame level to unlock, higher amounts of fame will raise your minimum salary requirement, and at the end of each season, players at each position in each league will be offered endorsement deals. Higher fame increases your chances of getting an endorsement deal.

[edit] Endorsement deals? What's up with that?

At the end of each season, sponsors will award endorsement deals via a sort of lottery to one player in each position for each league. The size and type of deal depends on what level the league is, and the player must be within the league's recommended levels to be eligable. Players with higher fame earned from that league that season get more "chances" in the lottery to be selected, but it's not a guarantee!

[edit] What do I get out of an endorsement deal?

You get some cash added to your daily salary, and will be awarded a unique piece of equipment designed for your position, bearing the name of the company who awarded it. This piece of equipment goes in a special "endorsement" slot, and is removed at the end of the season if you do not get the endorsement deal again.

[edit] Will there be more that can fame get me, or more ways to earn fame in the future?

Probably. The current version of fame is the base idea we have come up with. We're always up for suggestions you think might be cool, and we have a few other things we'd like to do as well.

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