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This is a list of the basic forums, for a list of sub-forums, see: Sub-Forums


[edit] Smilies and Font Modifiers

Image:Smile.gif :)
Image:Wink.gif ;)
Image:Biggrin.gif :D
Image:Sad.gif :(
Image:Tongue.gif :P
Image:Blink.gif O_O using any combination of 0, O, o, C, or c
  • Bold - [b] bolded text [/b]
  • Italics - [i] italicized text [/i]
  • Underline - [u] underlined text [/u]

Formatting stolen from the Newbie Guide by TurboBoxer

[edit] ASCII System Codes

(Removed the space between the & #)

& #9840; = ♰
& #9841; = ♱
& #9786; = ☺
& #9787; = ☻
& #9829; = ♥
& #9830; = ♦
& #9827; = ♣
& #9824; = ♠
& #9794; = ♂
& #9792; = ♀
& #9834; = ♪
& #9835; = ♫
& #9788; = ☼
& #9650; = ▲
& #9660; = ▼
& #9658; = ►
& #9668; = ◄
& #9617; = ░
& #9618; = ▒
& #9619; = ▓

[edit] Main

Screenshot of the Goal Line Blitz main forums

Admins will make announcements about the game here.

Do you have a suggestion for the game? Make your case here.

Report bugs here. Warning: repeated posts about something that is not a bug may get you a warning.

FAQ's, Player Guides and Newbie Help
Just starting out? Not sure how the game works? Ask your questions here, or find some answers.

Goal Line Blitz
Discuss anything else relating to the game here.

Game Recaps
Found a cool replay to watch? Want to write up a game recap, newspaper style? Post it here.

[edit] Recruiting

Screenshot of the Goal Line Blitz recruiting forums

Teams Looking for Players
Advertise your team's need for players here.

Players Looking for Teams
Advertise your player here to human controlled teams.

Team Press Releases
Does your team have something to tell the world? Write press releases, etc. here.

Trading Block
Got a player you're trying to unload? Want to make a deal? Post your demands here.

Looking to schedule a friendly? Challenge somebody!

[edit] General

Screenshot of the Goal Line Blitz general forums

Free For All
Talk about anything else you would like.

Trash Talkin'
Want to run your mouth and call out another team or player? Give 'em your best here.

New to the game? Introduce yourself.

Private Forum Announcements
Got a private forum and want to find people to join? Discuss here.

[edit] Regional

Screenshot of the Goal Line Blitz regional forums

Talk about USA league play here.

Talk about Canada league play here.

Europe East
Talk about Europe East league play here.

Europe West
Talk about Europe West league play here.

Talk about Oceania league play here.

South America
Talk about South America league play here.

Southeast Asia
Talk about Southeast Asia league play here.

Talk about Africa league play here.

Casual Leagues
Talk about Casual League play here.

Pee Wee Leauges
Talk about Pee Wee league play here.

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