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A friendly challenge is a game that team owners (not GMs) can schedule against any other team, for fun, or for tournament purposes. These games are often called "friendlies" or "scrimmages".


[edit] How to schedule a friendly

  1. The team owner goes to a teams profile page that they want to challenge, there is a button near the top that says 'Friendly Challenge'. You have the options of a ranked or unranked game, whether home field is on or off, and what overtime rules to play.
  2. You cannot cancel friendlies once they have been scheduled. Also, not even admins can cancel them for you, they are completely locked out to everyone, so once you have a friendly scheduled, it will be played.

[edit] Effect on players and teams

  1. Friendly scrimmages are just for fun (or bragging rights).
  2. Friendlies have no effect on energy, experience, morale, fan support, win/loss streak, or anything else.
  3. There are no ticket sales or concessions for friendly scrimmages.
  4. Players start with 100 energy for the scrimmage, but they do get tired during a game. Their 'real' energy is still there for the next game or nightly processing.
  5. Chemistry does not play a factor in scrimmage games.

[edit] Cost of a friendly scrimmage

  1. The first two scrimmages per season are free, after that there is a cost of 25 Flex Points for each additional scrimmage game.
  2. Both team owners pay for their scrimmage games. This includes the use of the free scrimmages.

[edit] When are friendlies scheduled

  1. You choose the day/time. Just go challenge a team and you can see all the options.
  2. Friendlies show up on your teams profile page, listed under 'Scrimmage Games'.
  3. It's in military time, Mountain time zone. For example, if it says 'at 16:00' that means 4 PM, MST. If it says 'at 7:00', that means 7 AM, MST.

[edit] Friendly challenge forum

  1. An official forum for friendlies has been added where you can place an ad or look for opponents.

[edit] Conflicts with regular games

  1. You can play 8 games the same day. Games cannot be scheduled within 2 hours of a "regular" game, in order to allow you to update tactics and such.

[edit] Bonus token temporary boost

  1. Temporary boosts from bonus tokens do not work in scrimmages or playoffs. The boost is used in 'real' games only.

[edit] Team matchup page

  1. To see how teams matchup (example: before scheduling a game you need the team_id, which can be found in the URL of the teams profile page.
  2. Put this into your browsers address bar and add the two team IDs (where the italic 'number' is):

[edit] Alerts a team owner gets

1. Challenge another team to a friendly scrimmage game by sending your request here. Friendlies may not be scheduled within 2 hours of an already scheduled game, must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance, and you may only schedule one per day, in order to avoid conflicts with setting tactics. You may also only schedule up to 6 friendly matches at a time.
Scheduling a friendly scrimmage costs 25 Flex Points, which will be deducted when the other team accepts your offer. You are allowed up to two free friendly scrimmages per team per season.
Once a friendly scrimmage game has been agreed to by the other party, it is LOCKED IN for the day and time you have specified.
2. Dear Owner Name, This is an automated message. Your team, the Team Name, has just received an offer from the Team Name to play a friendly scrimmage match on day X at TimeHere. You can view and accept or reject this offer by going to the proposed scrimmage match's status page. If you do not respond within 5 days, or by the day of the match, the match will be automatically rejected. If you would like to send a message to the owner of the Team Name you may simply reply to this message.

[edit] What are Quick Friendly Scrimmages?

Quick Scrimmages are the same as normal friendly scrimmages, but they will be scheduled as soon as possible and are automatically accepted.

[edit] How do I send a Quick Scrimmage?

The owner and co-owner of a team may find quick scrimmage options by clicking the "find opponents" link above the scrimmage list on their team page. There they can set options and find opponents to play.

[edit] Who pays for a Quick Scrimmage?

The sender of the quick scrimmage pays the whole cost of 50 flex/reward points, unless he or the opponent has free scrimmages available, in which case the cost is lowered by 25 for each free scrimmage. Flex/reward points come from the team's flex point bank first, then the sender's reward points, then the sender's flex points.

[edit] How many Quick Scrimmages can I schedule?

Any one team may have up to 8 quick scrimmages scheduled per day. They may send up to 8 scrimmages, but can only receive up to 5. This is to prevent potential scrimmage spamming.

[edit] Do I have to enable the Quick Scrimmage options in order to send quick scrimmages?

No. You only have to enable the options to receive them.

[edit] Is there still a limit of 32 games per hour for quick scrimmages? What if the game runs out of slots?

Yes. Quick Scrimmages share available time slots with normal friendly scrimmages. Quick scrimmages may only be scheduled into the next day, and if all slots are already taken, additional quick scrimmages will be unavailable.

[edit] External Links

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