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General Managers, or GMs, are allowed to control various aspects of a team. Goal Line Blitz allows a team owner to assign GMs to have various roles along with controlling their permissions. Image:GMlist.png


[edit] General Manager Privileges

  • Can adjust the basic and advanced AIs for offensive settings. Cannot adjust depth charts or energy settings.
  • Can adjust the basic and advanced AIs for defensive settings. Cannot adjust depth charts or energy settings.
  • Can adjust players on the depth charts and energy settings.
  • Can make trades to other teams.
  • Can send offers to free agents and players on D-League teams.
  • Can renegotiate contracts with players currently on the team.
  • Can release players from their contracts.
  • Can build stadium sections, increase section capacity, and set ticket and concessions prices. Cannot take out loans or make changes to the equipment fund.
  • Can delete and sticky posts, and control access levels to the team forums.

[edit] Official GM Roles

  • Offensive Coordinator - Manage the Offensive Depth Chart, AI and tactics.
  • Defensive Coordinator - Manage the Defensive Depth Chart, AI and tactics.
  • Special Teams Coach - Setup Special Teams depth charts.
  • Recruiter - Help fill the roster, send offers, trade for players and renegotiate contract extensions.
  • Scout - Scout upcoming opponents and post reports about tenancies and weaknesses.
  • Finance Manager - Run finances, stadium ticket sales, concession sales, contract offers, bonuses.

[edit] Unofficial GM Roles

  • Scout - Scout upcoming opponents and post reports about tendancies and weaknesses.
  • Journalist - Role playing pre/post game reports.
  • Webmaster - Manage web assets of a team.
  • Statistics - Creates spreadsheet with players names and plug in stats for it to be used for team website in which, * Webmaster can implement them into the website.

[edit] Privileges Auto-Assigned With GM Titles

  • Co Owner: Adjust Depth Chart, Make Trades, Send Offers, Renegotiate, Cut Players, Stadium/Finances
  • Head Coach: Adjust Offense, Adjust Defense, Adjust Depth Chart
  • CFO: Stadium/Finances
  • Offensive Coordinator: Adjust Offense
  • Defensive Coordinator: Adjust Defense
  • Assistant OC: Adjust Offense
  • Assistant DC: Adjust Defense
  • Special Teams Coach: Nothing
  • Recruiter: Send Offers
  • Scout: Nothing

[edit] How do I assign a GM and what can they do

  1. a. You assign a GM by clicking on the “Assign GM’s” link on your team’s profile page.
  2. b. Your GM does not have to be a player on your team, he can be anybody you want, but you should be able to trust him.
  3. c. Once you click that, you must enter the person’s username and then determine how much access he has based upon GM Titles and these individual privileges:
    1. i. Adjust Offense – He will be able to adjust the offensive tactics (like an OC) and general tactics (stamina requirements and auto tactics)
    2. ii. Adjust Defense – He will be able to adjust the defensive tactics (like a DC) and general tactics (stamina requirements and auto tactics)
    3. iii. Adjust DC – Adjust Depth Chart (self-explanatory)
    4. iv. Make Trades – Self-explanatory
    5. v. Send Offers – Self-explanatory (but when a player accepts or rejects the offer, only the owner is notified, not the GM)
    6. vi. Renegotiate/Cut Players/Stadium/Finances/Mod Forum – All these should be self explanatory.
  4. d. You can have as many GM's as you want, but there is a limit to the number of each type of GM that may be assigned per team:
    1. Co Owner, Head Coach, OC, DC, CFO, ST Coach: 1
    2. Asst OC, Asst DC: 2
    3. Scout: 4
    4. Recruiter: 4
    5. GM: Unlimited
  5. e. When you assign someone a role, they get a specific trophy for their role, and on the GM list on the team page, it shows their role in parentheses after their name except for roles titled specifically GM.

[edit] What types of Personnel do I need on a Team

You can run the entire team yourself if you like. Some people do but the majority of teams use multiple players to fill various roles.

[edit] How can I find a GM job

Teams are always looking for help. Check out this forum:

Teams looking for Players Forums

If you are looking to help a team. Check out this forum:

Players looking for Teams Forums

You could also just PM an Owner directly!

[edit] Things a GM cannot do

There are some things that only the owner can do.

  • Take out loans.
  • Send GM offers.

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