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[edit] History

Goalline Blitz Radio started by Erik LaMarca (GLB Name: Esen) hosted through BlogTalkRadio.

BlogTalkRadio is a provider of thousands of internet talk radio shows. Their streaming and archived shows are produced by anyone that wants to be an internet radio host.

The original show was on Mondays and featured Esen as the host and the opinions of Skinzfan, ScarlettBBB. Later came the Sunday show with was going to be the Scarlett's show. Next came Harper's Thursday show. After this Vawn was announced as the new host of the Sunday show and Koncorde came in as the resident Sunday co-host. Recently Monday's Quick Blitz was moved to a Tuesday timeslot and Tim Harper's Blitz Nation has moved from Thursday to Friday.

[edit] About

Are you new to GLB? Haven't got the time to search through the forums? Wish you could get GLB information in a easy to digest format? Interested in hearing about current topics, events, and the social aspect of GLB? How about the tactical side, of the game - builds, AI, and management?

Well now you can with Goal Line Blitz Radio

[edit] When do I listen to shows?

There are three shows running currently:

  • The Quick Blitz @ Tuesdays 8pm EST - a fast and furious montage of news and views hosted by Erik LaMarca.
  • Blitz Nation @ Fridays 10.30pm EST - Covering the forums and the hot topics of GLB hosted by Tim Harper.
  • Zone Blitz @ Sundays 1pm EST - Led by the motto "to inform, educate and entertain" hosted by Vawn.

Each show lasts 1 hour, live on air, with up to 1 hour additional broadcast available through the archive and podcast.

[edit] Are these podcasts or live shows?

The radio show is broadcast live at the times indicated above.

In addition Blogtalk Radio hosts an archive of the shows that allows you to listen after the fact, at your own leisure.

Furthermore the items can be downloaded through iTunes.

[edit] How do I listen to shows?

Simply click the link provided (or cut and paste into your browser).

After a moment for Blog Talk to assertain your region, it should automatically take you to the GLB Radio station. You may find the most recent show starts playing immediately.

The Windows Media Player plugin for your browser is required (Mac users click Here).

[edit] How can I contribute to the show?

You can call in during the live shows on (646) 716-7443. There is also the Click-To-Talk feature that allows you to connect using a microphone headset (or VoIP phone) to join a show without calling your dial in number.

All phone numbers are local to New York, USA. Therefore, if you are outside the local area, you will be making a long distance call when phoning in to listen to a show. However, many phone carriers provide unlimited long distance for a basic monthly fee. VoIP providers also provide low-cost unlimited long distance service.

You can also get involved in the show's live chat room, which is available during the shows (a "Chat Available" logo will flash when the show is in session). Furthermore you can start a thread on the forums by heading to the Goal Line Blitz Radio forum or you can PM Esen or the other hosts directly.

We look forward to seeing you!!

[edit] Shows

[edit] Quick Blitz

Date: Every Tuesday at 20:00pm Eastern Time (8pm est)

Host: Esen.

Co-Hosts: The Strategy Expert (TSE), Bones

[edit] Blitz Nation

Date: Every Friday at 10:00pm Central Time

Host: Tim Harper. Tim Harper's highly opinionated show geared towards the hot topics on the boards with our own twisted opinions being thrown around the mix.

Past Guest Hosts of Quick Blitz have been: Esen, Vawn, Stobie, Vanilla Thunder, Bones

[edit] Zone Blitz

Date: Every Sunday at 1:00pm Eastern Time (13:00)

Host: Vawn.


[edit] Radio Team

Main Contact:

  • Esen

Content and Planning:

  • Esen
  • Vawn



  • The Strategy Expert - Board Mod Ability
  • Bones
  • Corey Gaundreau
  • Koncorde


[edit] Links


[edit] Rookie Blitz

<embed src='http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mediaplayer.swf?displayheight=&file=http://www.blogtalkradio.com%2fGoalLine-Blitz-Radio%2fplay_list.xml&autostart=false&shuffle=false&callback=http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FlashPlayerCallback.aspx&width=180&height=152&volume=80&corner=rounded' width='180' height='152' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' pluginspage='http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer' quality='high' wmode='transparent' menu='false'></embed>

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