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The agent for CB Garrett Renzelmann, grenzy04 is also the Wiki GM for the Dublin Drunken Monkeys, the franchise that has employed his lone player for the past four seasons.


[edit] Creations

[edit] Players

There have been numerous creations from the brain of grenzy04, the first and most successful of which is the creation of the player Garrett Renzelmann. There was the creation of another player, a kicker named I Want Your Leg!, but when grenzy04 felt he couldn't give Leg! enough attention and effort, he decided to retire the player.

[edit] Websites

Per Dublin Drunken Monkey's owner Blackout28's request, grenzy04 took it upon himself to create the GLBWiki page for the D-Monks and has maintained it ever since.

A novice at wiki, grenzy04 has learned by reading other pages edit summaries and figuring out himself how to update or create certain graphics for the site.

[edit] Trophies

The creation that he may be the most proud of, grenzy04 created the Gaelic Cup in Season 5. Dublin played two other teams from Ireland every season, and to help up the prize of defeating those teams and creating a more interesting rivalry, grenzy04 created a Cup that the teams could play for.

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