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The home tab is the base of operations for your Goal Line Blitz account. From here you can access and manage the entire game. In this guide, we will talk about all the aspects of the home page and how you can use the home page to quickly access all aspects of the game.


[edit] The Banner: A Site Map

The top of the page has links to get you around the entire website. Each link is described below:

  • Home: Back to your home page
  • Leagues: Display of all 32-team Leagues in Goal Line Blitz.
  • Search: All search forms are here: users, players created, teams, and forum posts by users.
  • HoF: See the players in the Hall of Fame.
  • Marketplace: Place and view ads from free agents looking for teams.
  • Forum: The top level showing all forums on the site.
  • Inbox: See all the messages and alerts in your inbox. The numbers represent (# of unread inbox messages | # of unread alerts)
  • Chat: See all chat rooms on the Goal Line Blitz website.
  • Flex Points: Use this to buy Flex_Points, create players, boost players, buy teams, and create custom equipment.
  • FAQ: Look for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Main Page: Link back to this wiki's main page.
  • GLB Radio: Tune in to listen to important happenings in the Goal Line Blitz world.
  • Shop: Buy GLB merchandise.
  • Support: Send messages to support about your account or anything else that isn't answered in GLB. Use sparingly.
  • Log Out: Log out of the Goal Line Blitz site.

[edit] The Top: For You and the Admin

The top of your homepage is for your account summary and admin announcements.

[edit] The Calendar

The calendar shows today and the day before/after. You can scroll through the days using the arrows, so that you can plan for aspects such as the offseason, endorsements and trade deadlines. Always look to this whenever you have a question of when something important happens (such as the end of the season).

[edit] The Account Summary

On the upper left of your home page is your "avatar" which is shown whenever you post in the forum. To add, or change, an avatar use the "Upload" button, located underneath the avatar. Along with your username, you can also see your Flex Points account and spend/buy/earn flex points.

To the right of your user name, there is a link that reads "( Account Settings/Referrals )". Clicking that link will open the page from which you can access your account options, forum options, referrals, and flex point history. Next to your avatar you can see how many Flex Points you have left, how many unread messages you have in your inbox, and how many unread alerts you have. On the right is a trophy case; new users won't see anything but, as you become owners or GMs of great teams that win conference and league championships, trophies will show up in the trophy case.

[edit] The Admin Announcements

Underneath your account summary is an announcements list; this will keep you up-to-date on any major changes or dates to the site. New implementations, upcoming dates and other important information are linked from here. Next to "Admin Announcements" is a changelog that shows more specific changes to the website, such as changes to blocking or WR route running. Next to the changelog is a link to the suggestions page, which allows people to submit, and vote on, suggested changes to the game.

[edit] The Teams: Quickly Accessing Links

When you click on Players/Teams, you will see a list of teams you GM and own. Each team has a module. There are many links corresponding to all aspects of the team. Let's break it down:

  • Link to team's home page
  • Link to league team is currently residing in
  • Specifics of team's next game; includes a link to a summary comparing your team to your opponent
  • Link to the box score of the last game your team played (be it friendly or regular season)
  • Your team's forum page for communication among all members of the team
  • Forum for the league your team is in; talk trash here
  • Your team's roster, including position and contract situations
  • Tactics, basic and advanced including energy settings
  • Depth chart to ensure the best players are on the field while getting everyone a lot of playing time
  • Statistics for players on your team
  • Stadium, to build sections in the offseason and set ticket prices during the season
  • Equipment fund, to allot money so players can buy equipment
  • List of GMs and responsibilites; be careful to trust people before giving them responsibility
  • Finances, showing how much you spend and how much you've earned in ticket sales and concessions
  • Offers that you have sent in contracts and trade offers sent/received

[edit] The Retired Players: Re-live the Glory

[edit] The Buddy List: Get Some Real Friends

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