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[edit] Gameplay

Unlike most sports games, in Goal Line Blitz you do not control your players' in-game actions as the game is happening. You spend a player's skill points on attributes and special abilities. Then, when a game is scheduled to take place, the simulation engine uses this information -along with individual tactics, team tactics, team chemistry, and player morale- to determine the outcome of a game. Each play is simulated and stored to the server for review after the game is complete.

[edit] Watching Games

Games are simulated some time in the hour before its results are published. Once the simulation is complete, there are several options for viewing the results of a game. You can view the score by clicking the Last Game: Show Score link under the icon for the team on your Home page. You can also view a textual description by clicking the Last Game: Watch link right next to Show Score. Replays of individual plays can be viewed by clicking on the Replay buttons on the right side of that game's Play-by-Play page.

[edit] Watching Games Live

There is no way to watch games live, you must wait until the sim has finished to watch it.

However, you can hide the results of a game and watch the full game play-by-play or replays.

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