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[edit] Purchase Flex Points

You can purchase Flex Points for the rate of $1 per 100 points. GLB offers larger discounts for purchasing in more bulk, so stock up!

[edit] Method 1: Credit Cards

  • If you pay via Credit Card, you will receive your FP within a few minutes, but sometimes PayPal takes a couple hours.

[edit] Method 2: Paypal Account

  • If you use a Paypal Account (with money already on the account or linked to a credit card), you will receive it in the same time as if you paid with a Credit Card (must have enough to cover expense).
  • If you used paypal, but the account is empty or cannot cover the charge, paypal will draw the money from the bank account tied to the Paypal account. You will receive a confirmation email etc for proof of purchase. The transaction will be "complete", however, you will have to WAIT several days to receive the FP (this delay is not on GLB's end, but rather the bank's/paypal's). Please note that your bank may put a "hold" on your funds until the transaction is cleared, so it might look like they've taken your money, though they haven't.

If for some reason you still haven't received your FP after a week (5 working days) of payment, please contact support.

[edit] Method 3: Visa Gift Cards

It seems that only Visa Gift Cards can be used!

  1. Buy a Visa Gift Card (Walmart, Target, Grocery Store, etc)
  2. Activate/register it online or by phone.
  3. When activating/registering make sure that the name and address that you input matches what you're going to put into the purchase screen.
  4. Go to purchase screen (it's probably best to bypass registering/logging into paypal)
  5. Type in your info and follow the directions.
  6. Receive Flex.

[edit] Flex Point Packages

Flex Points can be purchased with PayPal or a Credit Card, via PayPal's payment processing gateway. Please choose a package below. <tab border=1 class=wikitable> Package Flex Points Price Discount Pop Warner 250 $2.50 0% Junior Varsity 500 $4.50 10% Varsity 1,000 $8.50 15% Booster Pack 1,200 $9.99 17% Division III 2,000 $16.00 20% Double Booster Pack 3,200 $24.99 22% Division II 5,000 $38.00 24% Division I 7,500 $54.75 27% Professional 10,000 $70.00 30% Practice Squad 15,000 $100.00 33% Starter 20,000 $130.00 35% Champion 30,000 $180.00 40% All Pro 50,000 $275.00 45% MVP 100,000 $500.00 50% Hall of Fame 250,000 $1,000.00 60% </tab>

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