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[edit] What is my Inbox?

Your inbox is where Private Messages are stored - it works the same way as your email inbox. Private Messages (PMs) are a text-based system that allows users of GLB to communicate with one another by sending and receiving messages. Each person is able to save a maximum of 150 messages in their inbox. An arrow next to a PM indicates that you have already replied to that message.

[edit] Where is my Inbox?

Your inbox is accessible from a link on the main menu bar and at the top of your home page under My Account Home.

[edit] Any Tips or Tricks?

There are a few more options you can use after visiting your inbox that help make communication easier...

[edit] Outbox

You can access your Outbox by clicking the "outbox" button, at the top of the page. This is a great way to review messages you've sent in the past, and a good way to see if the messages you've sent have been read. Messages that have not been read are bold, those that have been read are not.

[edit] PM Block Options

Sometimes you just don't want to talk another player in the game. If that happens, you are able to block the personal messages (PMs) of those specific people. To block someone's PMs, click the "PM Blocking" button, located at the top of the page. Once there, enter the person's username in the empty box under the line that reads "Enter User Name to Block", then click the "Add" button. If you change your mind about blocking that person later, go back to the PM Blocking page and click the "Un-Block" link next to their username.

[edit] Saving messages

You can save a message from your inbox by clicking the "save" button, located underneath the text box of the message. Doing so will highlight the message in blue, and put it at the top of your inbox.

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