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[edit] Leagues

Professional Leagues in Goal Line Blitz are divided into Geographical Regions and Divisions.

Minor leagues are organized by player age, with each age group divided into Elite, Competitive, and Normal leagues.

Casual Teams are organized the same way, but they're only able to use basic AI.

D Leagues are owned by CPUs. These are primarily intended for low-level players to develop, but there are D-League teams at all age levels in case a player is released from a human-owned team, or if an agent just prefers to have their player on a CPU-owned team.

Pee Wee Teams are only able to sign level 1 players. This means a Pee Wee team's roster must be refilled every season with new Level 1 players.

[edit] Minor Leagues

Minor leagues are organized based on players' ages. The age ranges for each league are as follows.

0 - Rookie
1-40 - Prep
21-80 - University
61-120 - Regional Minor
101-160 - National Minor
141-200 -Semi Pro
181-Uncapped - Regional Pro
201-Uncapped - National Pro/World League

[edit] Casual Leagues

Casual leagues are divided into the same age ranges as Minor leagues. The only difference is Casual teams are only able to use basic AI.

[edit] Promotions/Demotions

Since all players age at the same rate, every team in the Minor and Casual leagues is slated to promote to the next age group every season unless they request otherwise. There is no forced demotion in this system - even if its roster is empty, if an owner wants to move down -or to stay in the same age group- he must submit a request form.

[edit] Requesting Demotion

After day 32 of each season, an option to request demotion will become available to the team owner on the team's profile page. Owners should use this form to request demotion. When team movements are processed, any players who do not fit into the requested age range will automatically be removed from the roster and the stadium, team cash, and fan support will be reset according to that league's starting levels:

- Regional Pro- Stadium: All 100 Level, Both 200 sidelines; Cash: 14,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

-Semi Pro- Stadium: All 100 Level, Both 200 sidelines; Cash: 12,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- National Minor- Stadium: All 100 Level, 200 level home sideline; Cash: 10,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- Regional Minor- Stadium: All 100 Level except right endzone; Cash: 8,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- Local Minor- Stadium: Three 100 level corners; Cash: 6,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- University - Stadium: One 100 level corner; Cash: 4,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- Prep- Stadium: No Additional Sections; Cash: 2,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

-Rookie/Sophomore- Stadium: No Additional Sections; Cash: 1,500,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

Remember that team movements are always processed at the end of Day 41. That means we need new league requests to be submitted BEFORE the end of Day 41.

[edit] Playoff Seeding/Tiebreakers

In GLB, the top eight teams at the conclusion of a season in a particular league will move on to playoff play in competition for the league championship.

Seeding is determined by a team’s quantity of wins in their league.

If there are two or more teams with the same record, they are sorted via the following progression:
1. Head to head record amongst the other tied teams with the same record.
2. Number of points allowed (in all regular season games).
3. Number of points scored (in all regular season games).

Seeding is also used to determine home team in the playoffs. In GLB, home-field is always given to the higher seed. For purposes of the league championship game, home-field is decided by the following progression:
1. Regular season record
2. Points allowed (in all regular season games)
3. Points scored (in all regular season games)

[edit] Professional Leagues

The two teams reaching the Pro league championship game will always be promoted to the next tier up. The two teams who finished 15th and 16th in each conference will be demoted to a lower league. Teams that have been sold, or requested demotion from Professional Leagues, will be replaced by teams moving up from lower tiers. An owner may request to stay in Regional Pro instead of promoting to National Pro, but their stadium, cash, and fan support may be reset.

[edit] World League

If a playoff team in the World League decides to reset their team and move to a lower level, priority will be given to the 9th place team in their conference. If that team does not wish to stay in the World League, priority is then given to the highest seeded non-playoff team. Any team wishing to remain in the World League as a result of a team resetting MUST submit a Support ticket requesting to do so. Failure to do so will result in the spot being awarded to the highest seeded non-playoff team that did submit a Support ticket.

[edit] Minor Leagues and Casual Leagues

At the end of the season, in the capped leagues ONLY:

[Original Bort announcement]
[Restructure chat thread]

[edit] Regional Leagues

Conference champions are guaranteed promotion. The bottom 2 in each conference are demoted. More teams can be promoted to fill in spots left by vacated/CPU teams in order of where they finished in the playoffs.

[edit] Elite/Competitive/Normal tiers

Minor and Casual leagues are divided into three subcategories - Elite, Competitive, and Normal. These consist of teams that are grouped together based on several factors including performance from the previous season and players' effective levels.

Each season top teams from the Competitive leagues will be promoted to the Elite leagues. The Competitive leagues will consist of the non-playoff teams from Elite the previous season, and the best teams from Normal that didn't end up in Elite. The Normal leagues consist of the non-playoff teams from Normal the previous season.

Both Elite and Competitive receive higher fan support minimums than Normal, as a reward for doing well. It's important to note that owners are not able to request which tier a team is moved to. For example, if a team is slated to move up to National Minor Elite #1, they're not able to switch down to National Minor Competitive #4 by request.

[edit] List

America (USA)
Europe (East)
Europe (West)
African Pro League
African AAA
African AA
USA Pro League
Canadian Pro League
Canadian AAA
Canadian AA
E. Europe Pro League
E. Europe AAA
E. Europe AA
W. Europe Pro League
W. Europe AAA
W. Europe AA
South America
Southeast Asia
Pee Wee
Oceania Pro League
Oceania AAA
Oceania AA
S. America Pro League
S. America AAA
S. America AA
SE. Asia Pro League
SE. Asia AAA
SE. Asia AA
Casual A
Casual BBB

Casual Tiers
Pee Wee
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