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Developers: Peter (Bort)
Jesse (DigitalDaggers)
Released: Goal Line Blitz Beta:
March 16th, 2008
Genre: Sports MMORPG
Modes: Multiplayer
Media: Web interface(Text Based)

What is Goal Line Blitz?

Goal Line Blitz is a browser-based multi-player online game based on American Football hosted at It is a American Football simulation game that allows you to live the life of a simulated football star, manage a team, become a GM and much more.

Getting Started in GLB

Goal Line Blitz allows users to sign up a free account and become an agent of an American football player. Once you create a player, you can customize the player to your liking by editing their first and last name, football position, and skills|physical attributes. You will then be allowed to add equipment, sign a contract, assign skill points and live the good life. When getting more in depth with the game, users are able to pursue interests towards various jobs, team ownership, general management, offensive coordination, defensive coordination, team scouting, recruiting etc.

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Need help with Wiki editing, or have a suggestion for a Wiki page you would like to see added? Join the Fans of Goal Line Blitz Wiki private forum for tips, guides, and help with wiki editing.

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