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[edit] Morale Reserve

A player's salary and their team's possessions will impact their morale reserve. Morale reserve is a type of increase to a player's pre-game starting morale. It is not a bonus or a penalty,it acts as a reserve. For example, if a player's morale reserve increases their pre-game starting morale to 115, then the player will essentially act as if they are at 100 morale until 15 points of morale have been depleted from their player. Once they get to 100 from their morale reserve starting point they will start depleting morale and suffering the morale penalties as normal.

[edit] Morale

Player morale works like energy as an attribute modifier and is affected if you make a big play, or a big play happens to you.

  • For example if you’re an OT and you allow a sack, your player’s in-game morale will drop. If you’re a WR and you score a touchdown your morale will go up.
  • Confidence will help your morale in-game by preventing your morale from dropping too much after a bad play and boost your morale more when you make a good play.
  • Every season, your morale will reset back to 100. However, morale does not reset every night, like energy does.

"Energy" reflects your in-game stamina. It is how much energy you have at any given moment in a game or afterward. Increasing your Stamina attribute can reduce your energy loss during a game.

"Morale" reflects your in-game confidence. It is how much morale you have at any given moment in a game or afterward. Increasing your Confidence attribute can reduce your morale loss during a game. Other SAs, VAs, and performing well in general can increase your morale as well.

Morale is basically like a different kind of stamina. Both stamina and morale have similar impacts on stats if they fall too low. So if you are at 50 energy, perhaps you are playing at 70% of your capabilities. Similarly, if you are 50 morale, you also play with your effectiveness reduced by a %. There is also a degree to which losing many games or doing bad things in plays negatively affects morale. For example, if you throw an INT or fumble or drop a pass, your morale will go down. The low morale, however, acts on your player just like low stamina would, by forcing the player to play at a reduced % of his full capabilities. Thus in the same way your player does not become absolutely worthless with low stamina, so also he does not totally lose all his abilities when his morale falls.

The major difference between energy and morale is that energy is more predictable since for the most part it appears to most people to be affected by play count more than by your performance. It is not entirely independent from what you are doing during any given play; if you are a CB and have to run with WRs a lot you will get tired more quickly than a S who stands around in a deep zone, but since as a CB you pretty much do the same sorts of things each play, you can quickly see a pretty predictable pattern to how tired you get proportional to how many plays you play. Stamina does depend on what you do during a play, but since any given player typically does the same sorts of things each game in terms of exertion levels, you can get a pretty accurate feel for where your energy will be afterward based on the number of plays your player participates in.

For morale it is different. First, while there are VAs that can boost stamina, there are no SAs that lower it. For morale, however, there are several SAs that lower it, and your morale at any given time is based on your confidence + what you have done thus far in the game (dropped or caught the passes thrown to you, have you fumbled, etc) + any SAs or VAs which sap your morale (even ones like Big Hit lower morale). Thus it is a little more complicated to trace out all the reasons your morale may be what it is at any given moment. To increase it you can add more confidence, or some positions have SAs and VAs specifically designed to either boost your confidence or to mitigate the affects of other SAs and VAs designed to lower it.

It has also been suggested that Confidence boosts playoff performance although this is unconfirmed.

One final note, for QBs in blowouts where they throw 20 TDs, they are going to have low morale because I believe it drains just like stamina during a game. Every thing you do wrong (like an incompletion or a tackle for a loss, a hurry, or a sack, etc.) negatively affects it, as does any defender with an intimidation SA or VA. So just as you would expect a QB who throws 20 TDs in a blowout win to have really low energy after a game, you should expect him to have low morale as well. It doesn't necessarily mean he was really depressed or intimidated during the game - it works just like stamina.

Edit: Motivational Speaker can increase Energy in game as can all of the "General" SAs (e.g. Line General, Defense General, etc.)

I hope this clears some things up and I hope this post is not too inaccurate. This is all just things I believe to be true based on lots of reading of the forums and my own experience. This is not an official release from GLB so there could be inaccuracies in here despite my best attempts to eliminate them.

[edit] External Links

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