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[edit] FAQ

[edit] Am I allowed to have more than one account?

NO. Everyone is allowed one Goal Line Blitz account.

[edit] But I didn't get a referral from the second account. What makes this so bad?

Gaming the Referral system is only part of the 'one account per person' rule. Keep in mind that each person is allowed one account with one Free Fully-Boosted Player. That Free Player is a great way for people to try out the game. If an agent wants to create more players or buy a team, they can purchase Flex Points to do so. But creating more accounts to make more Free Players is considered cheating - people who do this are effectively stealing the points they would otherwise have to pay for.

[edit] Oh crap, I had no idea! What do I do now?

Click the Support tab at the top of the page and submit a request to have your accounts merged into one. Note:
  • Select "Account Merge" as the category.
  • Specify all user names involved.
  • Specify which account is to be left open after the merger.
  • All accounts being merged must have been created by you, for your own use.
  • All accounts being merged must be less than 60 days old. This time is given for the benefit to people who are new to the game, but who missed the notes on the sign-up page and in the Terms Of Use. After 60 days, the normal rules relating to multiple accounts will apply.
  • Each person is allowed one Free Player. If you've created a Free Player in multiple accounts, you'll only be able to keep one of them when the accounts are merged. Two accounts with only Free Players (no purchased Flex Points) cannot be merged.

[edit] What happens if I don't merge them?

When we find them, all of your accounts will get banned and that will be the end of GLB for you.

[edit] How do they know I have multiple accounts?

GLB has tracking software that shows know who is online, and when. This includes checking both the login IP addresses and IP used to create accounts. In addition, the moderators, and concerned GLB members who paid their hard-earned money for FPs, are always on the lookout for people with multiple accounts.

[edit] I am confused, can't I have 3 accounts on the same IP address?

This feature is set up to allow roommates and family members to play if they use the same computer or internet service, but this is NOT intended for the same person to have more than one account. If you and others access accounts from the same computer, you should let Support know so there's no confusion on this end.

[edit] My wife/friend/roommate/son/ had an account but quit, can I have it?

No, you cannot merge accounts that were created by other people. If you're "managing" another person's account without permission you are running the risk of having their account and your account banned.
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