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[edit] What is My Account Settings?

"My Account Settings" is a page that allows you to customize data that directly relates to your agent.

[edit] Forum Avatar

This is the area where you can upload/customize your forum avatar. Avatars will be resized to 75x75 pixels, so it is best if the original image is already 75x75. Files should be JPG, GIF, or PNG, and must be smaller than 30kb.

[edit] Email Address

This area allows you to change the email address associated with the GLB account.

[edit] Hide Last Game Scores

Hide game scores, hides them from your Home screen. This is usually set so you don't spoil the outcomes before you get a chance to watch the game.

[edit] Show Forum Avatars

This option allows you to hide all avatars on the forums. This option was created because some avatars could be considered not family safe or not safe for work. Although the most racy avatars are removed, some that still exist may be borderline.

[edit] Change Password

This option allows you to update the password associated with your account.

[edit] Your Referral Link

This referral link contains your referral id. If you would like bonus flex points, this is the link you give to your friends.

[edit] Referral History

There is also a list of all your referrals at the bottom of the page along with there current processing status.

[edit] Flex Point History

This link gives you a detailed report of every flex point you have ever spent.

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