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[edit] Goal Line Blitz Forum Rules

Goal Line Blitz is a public forum and expects its members to follow the rules as well the TOS when using the forums. By participating on the forums, you agree to the posted rules. The TOS and Forum Rules may be updated periodically, but any major changes to the Forum Rules will be accompanied by a site-wide Announcement.

The detailed Forum Rules are located here:


[edit] Types Of Threads That Are Frowned Upon

-No "Hook" threads.
-No Double posting.
-No threads about how people's teams should be taken away.
-No threads about how people should have been allowed to transfer leagues.
-No “Look, Another Team Got Gutted” threads.
-No threads to talk about threads that have been locked/deleted
-No Farm Team Threads.
-No Threads in the Wrong Forum
-No Counting threads.
-No "Poll Threads"
-No "Mods/Bort please look at this!"
-No "Selling my team/Player" threads.
-No "How to Cheat" threads
-No "The Game is Broken Threads"
-No "Give me FPs" or "When do we get our FPs" threads.
-No "Blank" threads (not having a title or a post in it)
-No "Who will lock this" or "Will this get locked" threads or anything similar.

[edit] Posting In Threads

-No Pornography & Sexually explicit content
-No Posting "real life" information of any member
-No Personal attacks.
-No Over the top cursing
-No Racist/Hate comments
-No Mass quoting of other people's threads.
-No Linking to a new website that you have to shut down your browser to end.
-No Trolling
-No Discussion of illegal activity
-No Spamming
-No Solicitation

[edit] What Is A Moderator?

A moderator is a volunteer chosen by the Admins from among the user base who gives his/her time to keep the boards clean and fun for everyone. Moderators are not employees of Goal Line Blitz, they are active members of the GLB community who have contributed to the game by writing guides, answering questions from new users, helping organize the site, and through other 'behind the scenes' stuff that other users don't always see.

Moderators cannot be everywhere at all times, so if you see something that violates the Forum Rules that doesn't appear to have been addressed yet, click the 'Report' button on the right side of the problem post(s). This will bring the post(s) to the attention of a Moderator.

[edit] What Do Moderators Do?

-Enforce forum rules
-Lock, move, delete, and sticky threads
-Edit posts
-Can remove a users ability to post in the forums in the forums for a duration of 1-7 days
-Bring up hot subjects/issues in the Mod forum
-Police inappropriate team names and avatars
-Police multi-accounts
-Police potential gutting and collusion

[edit] What Moderators Can't Do

-Change the name or your team, player or user ID
-Trace IPs
-Reverse Trades or anything similar within the game
-Ban accounts from GLB (not just the forums)
-Change the rules or the terms of service

[edit] Suspensions

Posting something that violates the Forum Rules may result in a warning or in your posting privileges being suspended by a Moderator or an Admin. If you receive a message that your posting privileges have been suspended, you can either serve out your sentence or submit an Appeal here: Appeals are reviewed by Lead Moderators and Admins. Note that Moderators do not choose the length of the suspension - the sentence is applied automatically based on the rule that was broken.

[edit] What If I Disagree With A Moderator?

That's no problem; people are entitled to their own opinions. You can disagree with a Moderator, just try to be respectful toward them and follow Forum Rules when doing so. Most Moderators are in college or work regular jobs. They've been made Moderators because they're active members of the GLB community who've demonstrated they can be trusted to enforce the Forum Rules. They're generally all very patient, but when people threaten them, curse at them via PM's, and generally harass them all the time, even the most patient person can have moments of weakness. They're all human just like you, they ask for respect and kindness when disputes arise.

If there's an issue with a Moderator that you feel needs to be addressed, please contact Support and an Admin will review the situation.

[edit] Contact Info For Moderators/Support



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