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The Offseason is the period of time after Day 40 of the current season, but before Day -8 (preseason) on the next season. Salary is not paid, however training points are still accumulated over the off season.


[edit] When will teams be moved to new leagues?

- Day 42

[edit] When are teams handed out?

- Generally around Day 43-45.

[edit] How long is the offseason?

- Length varies, but generally 8-10 days.

[edit] When is the last day to boost?

- The last day of the off season. An announcement will be posted specifying when that will be.

[edit] When's the last day I can buy new sections for my stadium?

- It'll be the last day of the offseason. Bort will put out an announcement.

[edit] What is the last day for salary/overnight exp?

- Day 40. This means the rollover from Day 39 into Day 40.

[edit] Is there a Limit to how many Bonus Tokens/Training Points I can carry over to next season?

- You can carry as many Bonus Tokens as you like into next season. As for Training Points you can only carry up to 14.

[edit] How do I know what league my team will be in next season? What level cap will I be?

-Predicted Caps for the next season are now listed on the Team page. If a team would like to request a demotion they can submit a Demotion Request from the Team page as well. If you are completely puzzled you can figure out exactly where you'll end up here:

[edit] When are awards handed out?

- Following Day 40.

[edit] Why can't I sign players on Day 41?

- Day 41 is roster locked (no signings or trades), you'll have to wait until Day 42. You are still allowed to cut players on day 41.

[edit] I just got a team, which sections should I build first?

- Start with at least 2 sections. Do not skimp out on your stadium to sign "better" players. You need to slate building your stadium as a top priority.

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