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Player Attributes are the backbone of a player. They set up the foundation of the build, controlling the basics of how your perform during games. Special Abilities control how you perform in certain situations, and are usually directly tied to your attributes, or enhance your attributes. They are generally direct modifiers to your attributes in certain situations. Veteran Abilities are similiar to Special Abilities, but their effect is generally a stated percentage.

Skills Guide

By DigitalDaggers

[edit] Physical Skills

[edit] Strength

  • Important for all lineman. Helps you break tackles and hit hard. Also helps you to throw, kick, and punt a little farther.

[edit] Speed

  • How fast you move. If you want to score, speed is recommended. Helps defenders catch up for tackles too!

[edit] Vision

  • Did you see that hole open to the left? Can you see the goalposts? Vision helps ALL players know what is going on around them. It is very important for QBs "threading the needle" with passes. It's also sort of the "6th sense" of predicting what your opponent is going to do when blocking or trying to break blocks. It also plays a role in avoiding penalties like false start and offsides.

[edit] Stamina

  • The better your stamina the more you'll get on the field. Higher stamina players get tired more slowly, and will play better as a result.

[edit] Jumping

  • Need to lay out for a pass? Want to gain an couple extra yards on defense? Plan on swatting that ball away? Jumping is crucial to all of those things. It is also important when making diving tackles and diving for yardage when carrying the ball.

[edit] Agility

  • How fast your player can adjust their movement. If you want to dodge a tackle or head past a blocker you'll want high agility. Important for any player who needs to turn quickly...Lineman as well as speedsters. Agility also determines acceleration. You can have all the speed in the world, but without agility, you won't ever reach that top speed.

[edit] Confidence

  • Just throw 3 interceptions in a row? Missed a tackle? It doesn't matter if you have enough confidence to dust yourself off and keep going. Helps your player's will bend but not break.

[edit] Football Skills

[edit] Blocking

  • If you plan running any kind of offense you're going to need plenty of good blockers. Blocking helps your player to keep his target occupied longer. For defensive players, knowing how to block helps you know how to shed blocks a little easier.

[edit] Catching

  • You'll need this if you are planning on catching any touchdowns or snagging any picks. "Hands of stone" syndrome? Up your catching.

[edit] Carrying

  • Don't want to fumble the ball? You better practice your holding ability. The better your Carrying skill, the less you will lose the ball from a good hit. Carrying will also help you make moves to avoid or break tackles.

[edit] Tackling

  • Tired of sloppy arm tackles? Well boost your tackling skill and wrap those ball carriers up! Tackling is a solid foundation for any defender.

[edit] Kicking

  • How well you can kick the ball for field goals and point after attempts. Helps determine accuracy and distance.

[edit] Throwing

  • If you want to hit your receivers in stride and not throw picks you'll want a high throwing value.

[edit] Punting

  • How well you can punt the ball to your opponents. If you want good field position you'll want a good punter. Having a good punting skill will help punts go further with more hang time.

[edit] Decimals in Attributes

  1. Even though we no longer get decimals during training the decimals we already have are staying.
  2. You still get decimals automatically when you level up.
  3. Decimals count in the sim. 50.99 is better than 50.01
  4. Getting rid of decimals has been suggested many times. It is on the 'Never Going to Happen List', so don't suggest it any more.

[edit] Raw Attributes

Posters on the GLB forums sometimes use the term raw to refer to player attributes unmodified by equipment bonuses and attribute veteran abilities. For instance, if a player has 70 blocking, +5.25 from the Great Blocker veteran ability and +12 from equipment bonuses, his actual blocking attribute is 87.25 but his raw blocking is 70.

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