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[edit] Where to trade

Currently, there are two places to search for teams that may want to trade players: the forums and the Trading Block.

Min/Max Cash Considerations - Here is a listing for what the Min/Max Cash value for players of a certain level. These are the values in trade between two teams when cash is being exchanged for a player, not your salary.

[edit] Trade Rules & Suggestions

By Cybershot -

Some rules managers/coaches should follow when posting about available players:

  1. Player name or, preferably, a link.
  2. Player's rank and/or strengths. If you can, have the player "allow all to view" ratings.
  3. If you plan on trading inactive players, which do have value, please say so in your original post.
  4. What does your team want in return? Please specify if you are open to any offer.
  5. If you want cash, please give a ballpark figure.

Note: You may only trade between two teams once every 12 days.

[edit] Other Trade Related Information

If the player being traded is owed a back salary (salary in the red) from the team he is currently on, the back salary will not be paid by the new team. Only the current team can make good on the back salary. The receiving team does not absorb the additional cost of paying the player.

[edit] Trade Suggestions for New Owners

If you decide to trade for a player, there are some things to be aware of, and some suggestions, that should make the process go as smoothly as possible.

1.) Make sure the agent controlling the player is active - Owners will offer up an inactive player and not tell you he is inactive. Click on the player's profile to find out when he last logged in.

2.) Make sure the agent wants to have his player traded - It's never good to trade for a player only to have that player's agent send you a PM a letting you know that he had asked for a release because he wants to retire his player, or that he had lined up a trade with a different team.

3.) Make sure the agent is willing to have his player fill the role you have for him - If you are trading for a starter but intend to make him a backup, he may not be too happy about being "demoted" in this way. Especially if his former owner promised him a starting spot, he may feel he has a legitimate grievance at not starting on your team. A demand for a release may be right around the corner. Check with the agent to make sure.

4. Make sure the player's contract is not about to expire - Some owners are trading players (sometimes even their own) whose contract expires within the first week of the season. Once the contract expires the player has no intention of resigning and you just got taken.

Some owners can be shady and unethical in their dealings. Just like in real football, owners are usually reluctant to trade players who are happy, content, and successful. When team owners offer to make a trade, you may want to consider contacting the player's agent to find out what happened before the trade was offered.

[edit] Contracts FAQ:

By Bort:

[edit] What does each type of contract do, and how should I use them?

A: There are three types of contracts:

1) 40 Day contract - these are the contracts you are all used to. It starts on the day you sign and ends on the same day after 1-3 seasons.

2) Season contract (ends on day 40) - this type of contract ends on day 40 of the season, no matter when you sign it. If you sign a 1-year seasonal contract, it will end on day 40 of The current season. A 2 year contract will end on day 40 of the next season. This is for owners who want all of their contracts to end on the same day for organizational reasons.

3) Short term contract - this type of contract is for level 10 and under players ONLY. This contract can last for 10, 15, or 20 days. This is a good contract for new players who are not sure if they want to stay with the team or not. Chemistry will be hit less by expiring contracts, so use these contracts as a feeling out period.

[edit] What's with the minimum signing bonus?

A: All players over level 10 have a minimum signing bonus of 5 * minimum salary when signing them as free agents.

[edit] Do I have to pay the bonus when I renegotiate with my existing players?

A: No. It is only for new free agent signings.

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