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[edit] What is GLB?

Goal Line Blitz is a web-based American Football MMORPG. It has a custom football simulation engine to provide you with the ultimate football experience.
Love fantasy football? Wish you could play with the pros? Join football fans world-wide in building the player and team of your dreams, right here, at Goal Line Blitz.

[edit] Attributes

Attributes are what define your player's strengths and weaknesses. The higher an attribute the better he will do in that respective area. You can raise your attributes by training, spending skill points after leveling up, or through boosting.

[edit] Player Creation

The fun begins with the player creation process. First, choose a name for your player (use common sense - no names containing curse words or racially offensive terms). Then select the position you'd like them to play. From there, you determine your player's height/weight and begin building up the player's Attributes by applying their initial 15 skill points. Once that's done, your player is ready to find a team!

Remember, there are a finite number of teams in GLB. So when creating a new player, it's a good idea to note the current demand demand for that position. The higher the demand, the more likely it is that your player will get decent playing time.

[edit] Signing to a D-League Team

Once you've completed the Player Creation process, click the 'Contract Offers' link on your player's profile page to see which teams have offered you a contract. Every player automatically receives 3 offers from D-League teams.
Before you accept a contract, a good practice to get into is checking to see the number of players in your position on the team.

[edit] Goal Line Blitz Forums

The forums are a valuable resource for playing Goal Line Blitz. You can read about game updates in the 'Announcements' forum, get help in the 'FAQ's, Player Guides and Newbie Help' forum, and discuss GLB in the 'Goal Line Blitz' forum. There are also forums for each league, forums for recruiting players to teams (and vice versa), as well as general discussion forums where you can interact with other people who play Goal Line Blitz. At the bottom of the Forum index page you'll also notice Team forums - these are the forums for teams who've signed your player(s). These can be very important for getting team tactics and communicating with your teammates. With any of the forums, we recommend that you read the forum rules before posting.

[edit] Flex Points

Flex Points are the basic currency of Goal Line Blitz. You can use Flex Points to create players, level up (boost) a player, buy teams, make custom equipment, and more!

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Regular Equipment

Equipment is important to your player's success. Each equipment upgrade gives your player an additional attribute point. Don't forget to equip it after your purchase. At level 1 you can buy four pieces of equipment. Every level that is a multiple of 8 you may purchase upgrades for those pieces.

[edit] Custom Equipment

Custom equipment acts like regular equipment with a few key differences. You must pay Flex Points instead of in-game money to acquire Custom Equipment. Custom Equipment only has one upgrade, at level 8. It costs 100 FP for +1 to any attribute and 300 FP for +1 to the Special Ability tree of your choice (available at level 8). You can have up to 6 attribute points on your Custom Equipment, and you don't have to buy it all at the same time.

You can also rent custom EQ. It is a selectable option when buying custom equipment. Rented EQ is much cheaper (100 FP for a maxed out item), but it expires after one season, cannot be sold, and does not get refunded on retirement. This makes it great for one-and-done pee wee players who want to use custom EQ, if you just want to try a different type of equipment for a little while, or if you're just not sure if you want the EQ forever. Regular custom EQ is still a better overall price for a long life multi-season player.

[edit] Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment is a new addition in season 5. It uses the same equipment slots as regular equipment, so you have to make a decision about which will be better for you.

[edit] What now?

You have made a player and joined a team. Now you wait for a game, which is played every other day. Between games you can manage your training and tactics.
You control how much time you spend playing GLB. It could be a few minutes a day to do training, or you could spend hours watching games and reading forums.

If you still have questions read the official FAQ and guides. Also ask the community in the FAQ's, Player Guides and Newbie Help forum.

Have fun and good luck!

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