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by blankspace


[edit] How to Recruit

It’s that time of the season again. Offseason! Yes, in my opinion the most aggravating time of the season. Sending hundreds of PM’s to agents, only getting five responses. Yeah, it’s really a bugger to some people. Agents want money that they don’t need, everyone wants to start and not ride the bench, and everyone wants to play for a good team. This doesn’t mean that you need to GM a team that has a winning record and unlimited amount of money, but you need to make sure you can bring in talent to your team.

But let’s face it; there are thousands of teams out there looking for new players to. What makes your team so special? Why should one player choose you over the other 60 teams that are interested in him? Some teams may be better personally. Some teams may offer him more money, more playing time, better guarantees, and possibly better everything. But what players are looking for mostly is a safe job, enough pay for training, a friendly forum, and good personal staff.

You need to show your recruits that you have all these things. I’m not saying if you do this you will grab each one, but trust me, using simple steps such as these and taking the time to do it will usually generate interest from your recruit. Do these steps in order to ensure a good recruiting class.

[edit] What Do You Need?

Obviously you don’t want to get a level 30 QB if you already have a level 33 QB taking the snaps. Organize these things. Which positions do you need? Make a list of each position, write how many you need, and write down “Important”, “Needed”, “Wanted”, or other stuff next to it. Then go after your needs and important positions you need to grab. Doing this will help you organize better on which players to go after, rather than randomly clicking on a player.

[edit] Get Some Help

This one goes out to the owners and recruiters. One recruiter can and could work, but it’s much easier when you have a team of recruiters. Get a friend or buddy to help you recruit. GM’s, try getting your owner to recruit to. A good thing to do is to split the positions up with recruiters. One recruiter may go after linemen; another might go after defensive linemen and the other go after linebackers. This will avoid some confusion when mass recruiting.

Also, make a list in your forum over the links of players you are going after. A good example may be something like this: Joey Woods QB Lvl 32 “Link Goes Here To Player Profile” Robert Norris LB Lvl30 “Link Goes Here To Player Profile”

Simple stuff like that helps organize a team, and shows your team what your goals are neatly during the offseason. Posting their link to their player has to positive effects.

  • Shows the other recruiters the build, discuss if it fits the teams need
  • Shows the agent, allowing the other recruiters to PM the person as well

Also, another thing I don’t do is offer a contract right away. I don’t know why, it really doesn’t matter, but I would rather have a commitment to the team before I start flashing a contract to an agent. Just my personal opinion though.

[edit] Go After The Recruits

One thing an agent likes is attention, or making them feel wanted to your team. So go after them! Some examples are that if they post in Players Looking for Teams forum, get your team in there and support your team. Don’t just have one lonely recruiter bumping the topic, get you whole team there saying how great it is. Team spirit is addictive to a free agent. It’s almost a trick, but it’s stuff like that that gets the attention of the free agent.

Also, get the owner of forum mod to invite him to the forum. Let him have a look around and see your active forum. If you don’t have an active forum and its dead, don’t do this, or it will backfire in your face. Activity attracts an agent as well. Make a simple topic saying “Welcome (agents name)” And get your team to say a few words such as “Welcome to the forums” or “Glad you’re interested in seeing our forums, have a look around.” Generosity and humbleness are great things, you know?

Also, if you just send in contracts without messages, guaranteed 95% of the time you will not get picked or even closely looked at. Recruiting takes time, that’s why the offseason is so long. Take advantage of all the days, and be patient. You most likely aren’t going to fill your entire roster on the first day. When recruiting top players, they generally don’t pick the first team interested in them. A lot of them are smart and like to see their options to choose the team best for him or her.

Patience is key to recruiting. Try not to get anxious or mad when a recruit doesn’t want to join your team or doesn’t return a PM. It happens to everyone every offseason. People don’t want to respond to 80+ teams about why they are considering that specific team.

[edit] Convince the Recruit

Here’s a list of things that you should use when messaging your recruits. Try to do something like this:

  • Information
  • Philosophy
  • Need
  • Brief Team History

Information: Basically, this is your general information. Who you are, the team you represent, which league you’re in, and other basic information such as this so your recruits know who you are.

Philosophy: Even if you aren’t the OC or DC, ask each to write a brief summary of their philosophy of what they want accomplished, their goals, what they want to do this new season, etc. If you are drafting a RB you might want to add that you want to be a more balanced run team. Or if you’re drafting a DE you may want to tell him your base formations, and your goals that you want him to get 20 or more sacks. Information such as this shows the importance of leadership in your staff.

Need: Tell your recruit why you need him or her on your team. Describe the importance that they will have on the team if they bring their player on your team. Make them feel wanted, as I have said earlier. Don’t make yourself seems desperate by saying “Please, please, please join my team. WE NEED YOU!” This makes you and your team look desperate and unprofessional.

Brief Team History: Write a brief team history report along with your PM. This should include last year’s run, some important stats, key wins and upsets, perhaps you moved up a league, or possibly down and looking to rebound. Listing your record should help if you did well last season. If you made the playoffs, explain that and how far you got.

If you’re going after a DE, talk about how many sacks and hurries your team produced last season. If you’re going after a HB, talk about how much rushes a game and yards a game you guys averaged, and talk about your offensive line. Make yourself look good, but don’t get cocky.

[edit] Trades

It’s interesting to think that some teams don’t even trade during the offseason until it’s over with. Talk to the owner and the play and see if it’s a legitimate trade deal. Don’t trade for a player without speaking to that player or looking him up. Some owners are shady and will trade unhappy players or even trade a few days before their contract is up. If you have too many people in a certain spot, and not enough in another, put an offer on the trading block. People are always looking for more depth, and owners are always looking for trades. Remember, since player for cash trades were removed, you must have a player to offer the other team. Therefore, this method of recruiting is now less popular and less successful.

[edit] Market

Although not exactly the prettiest place, checking here every so often can be a good idea. The market shows what they player wants in terms of contract, and even has text box they can write in to list certain things they want. Although it’s not the best area to search, it’s still worth ten minutes to look for specific positions. There is also a Grease Monkey script where you can sort players in the market by the amount of points in a certain attribute. Pretty useful if looking for a certain build.

[edit] Conclusion

There’s not much else to talk about. I can only hope this will help you along the way of recruiting. Also, to the new owners getting gutted teams, yes, it will be hard. Just stick it out as it may be a long year, but things can only get better. Get some friends players on your team to help get you started. Bring your own players, get connections, and recruit as hard and as best as you can.

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