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Basically when you refer new users to this game you gain flex points. There are a few stipulations before you actually earn the points but for the most part all you need to do is send a friend your referral link, if they create an account and create an active player you will gain a small amount of flex points.


Referrals have to meet three qualifications before you will get credit for them:

  • They cannot be from the same IP address as your own.
  • The user must create at least one player.
  • The user must remain active for at least a day. This means he must come back to the site and play the game for at least a day. If he signs up and never comes back, you will not get credit for the referral.

Q: Where do I find my referral ID so I can send a friend my link?

Go to Home then to "My Account/Referrals" which is accessible from your home page. Near the middle of the page you will see:

Your Referral Link

Q: Where can I see my referral status?

Go to "My Account" which is accessible from your home page. It will list all the users you have referred and their current status.

Q:What do the different referral statuses mean?

  • no players: This user has not created any players.
  • pending activity: This user has not logged in recently enough.
  • awaiting processing: This user has met all the prerequisites and will be processed for referral points at day change.
  • processed: This referral has already been processed.

Q: A referral says "processed" but counted for zero points. What gives?

That user came from the same IP address as you. You will not get points for referrals from the same IP address. This is to avoid referral scammers.

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