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Game replays can be viewed in either Flash or 20/10 frame per second format. These settings can be chosen visiting your "account settings/referrals" page. While watching replays you will see various pop-ups and icons. Below is a list of the items that are displayed.

[edit] Text Events

Text events show up as text above the player with the name of the event, (for example an SA firing) not all SA's are programmed to show up as a text event, the following have been added to the replay system:

  • Balance
  • Catch Fake
  • Head Fake
  • Hurdle
  • Juke
  • Looked Off
  • Lower the Shoulder
  • Power Thru
  • Pump Faked
  • Spin
  • Stiff Arm
  • Surge
  • Turn the Shoulder

[edit] Icon Events

Icon events have a graphical icon to represent the event that is occurring on the field. Below is our current list of icon events for replays

  • Blind Blind: Failed vision check

  • Sad faceLow Morale: Player's morale is under 30
  • Sad face 2 Very Low Morale: Player's morale is under 20
  • Im OpenI'm Open: Icon fires whenever receiver is wide open
  • Low Breath1Low Breath: Player's breath is below 30
  • Low Breath2Very Low Breath: Player's breath below 20

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