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Leagues in Goal Line Blitz follow a 40 day regular season followed by an off season. The current day of the season is shown in the upper-right corner of your home page.


[edit] Preseason

Before the start of each regular season, there is a preseason period. These last approximately 7 days, although the duration can vary from season to season. The preseason shows the countdown until the start of the regular season. For example, if the current day is listed as being "-1", the next day will be day 0 (the last day of the preseason), and the following day would be day 1 of the regular season. During the preseason, teams will play scrimmage games against other teams in their league. Players also do not earn XP from these scrimmage games.

[edit] Regular Season

The regular season consists of the first 32 days of a season, with some leagues playing their games on odd days and others leagues playing their games on even days. This means that every league's schedule consists of 16 regular season games. Of these 16 games, 15 will be against randomly chosen opponents within a team's own conference. The other game will be a randomly scheduled game against an opponent in the opposite conference.

[edit] Postseason

The postseason consists of the playoffs and scrimmage games (these are for teams that did not make the playoffs, or have been eliminated from the playoffs). The playoffs are a 16 team, single elimination tournament that is used to determine the league champion. Each team that is not in the playoffs is scheduled 4 scrimmage games against teams from the other conference. Once teams are eliminated from the playoffs, they have scrimmages scheduled against other eliminated teams from the playoffs in the other conference. Players do not receive XP for playoff games or scrimmages.

[edit] Offseason

After the season is complete, there is an offseason that lasts several days (Days 41+). This allows Bort time to update the game before the next season. This typically lasts 8-10 days.

There is no experience or games played during the off season. This time is used for game updates, releasing new teams, signing/trading players, and more.

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