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  • When a team is sold back to the CPU, the team becomes a CPU team. To encourage continuity, all current GMs are eligible to take-over a team. A GM would have (3) days to make this purchase. After (3) days, the team would be eligible for any agent to purchase via the open market. Contact support quickly if you're a GM interested in taking over a team.
  • A team Owner can have his/her team transferred to a current GM. Again, this is done via support.
  • Players on CPU teams are able to accept new contract offers. CPU players will automatically replace vacated human players on a roster.
  • Once a team is sold, all human players will have (3) days to release themselves. This can be done via a link sent to your “Alerts” box/tab.
  • It is possible to “Gift” a team to another Agent, but the team being gifted can only include two season’s worth of extended flex. All remaining flex would be refunded to the Agent gifting the team.
  • If you sell a team, you may not buy another one, of any kind, for (21) days. This is really important if you intend on purchasing a different team soon after selling a team. The way around this is to make all of your team purchases first, then sell the team(s) you no longer want.
  • If you’re thinking you might want to save your teams' name or avatar for a later time, make sure to change them before selling your team. Of course, another team owner might still use them, but it’s a lot less likely if they’re not seen.

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