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Slowbuilding is a strategy that is designed to maximize benefits from both training attributes with a low value and reaching softcaps as early as possible in order to maximize automatic level gains of major and minor attributes.


[edit] Traditional Slowbuilding

Traditional slowbuilding consists of saving skill points until a primary or secondary attribute can be softcapped. This allows players to take advantage of the higher value in training attributes while they are at lower levels as well as taking full advantage of the bonus to attributes that comes from leveling. Slowbuilding players are often not very skilled initially, but - everything else equal - will generally be better than their peers after a few seasons. There are often Slowbuild teams in Goal Line Blitz that are created with the purpose of playing poorly their first few seasons, but eventually surpassing teams in their leagues. They are also commonly used on farm teams.

[edit] Training-Focused Slowbuilding

Training Focused Slowbuilding is the concept of training attributes to certain levels before soft-capping. This form of building allows a player to maximize his training potential.

[edit] Soft-Cap Focused Slowbuilding

Soft-Cap Focused Slowbuilding is the concept of hitting the Soft-cap ASAP regardless of how high the specific attribute has been trained. This form of building allows a player to maximize the leveling bonus.

[edit] Alternatives and One-Offs

There are many variations on the above, and some players may even employ a hybrid approach based on their character's skill levels and positions. One example of a one-off is "Power Building" which employs both Training-Focused and Soft-Cap focused building. Power Building says that a player should get attributes to the third or even fourth soft-cap before moving on to other attributes. Note that early on this will produce a highly unbalanced build.

[edit] Super Slow Building

Super Slow Building, also termed BundyBuilding is a strategy that attempts to keep a player as low a level as long as possible. Players who Super Slow Build attempt to get on a team and only train, rather than gain XP through playing games. This allows them to train at higher levels for much longer. This training can go on for a short period or as much as four to five seasons.

The advantage in Super Slow Building is that you will be able to join a level-capped league with higher attributes than other players. However, this advantage comes at the cost of having your player not reach his full potential, and peak earlier. Super Slow Builders are limiting their potential to reach higher levels by training instead of playing and gaining XP. Each year a player spends Super Slow Building will limit his potential by approximately 2.6 levels. For example, a player that Super Slow Builds for 3 seasons will finish his career about 8 levels lower than a Normal or Slow Build player. There is no benefit for Super Slow Building unless you play in a level capped league, or are certain you will always play against opponents of an equal level.

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