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[edit] Special Ability Tree Boosts for Custom EQ

At level 8, you will gain +1 bonus to all special abilities in one skill tree if you select this option. This options costs (300 Flex Points). At level 32 you may opt for a +3% modifier or +1 to SA for 50 flex. At level 56 you may choose a +3% modifier or +1 to SA for 50 flex. At level 72 you may pick a +6% modifier or +2 to SA for 100 Flex. Flex spent on unlocking SA trees are non-refundable and are not included in the 70% Flex refund for selling Custom EQ.

Total a player could get is +12% (subject to AEQ stacking limitations), +4 to SA.

The Special Ability Tree Boost or Tree Addon is an additional purchase that's opened up by purchasing Custom Equipment for flex points. To open this option up you must first purchase Custom Equipment for 600 flex. From there you are given the option to add a 1/1/1/1/1 to one SA tree for an additional 300 flex points.

[edit] Why is it good?

Consider you just spent 600 flex on custom equipment or +6 skill points. (This skill point valued does scale with your softcaps so it can be considered worth more then +6 depending on your current skill in that area of upgrade) The addon is 300 flex and is worth another 6 skill points at zero SA level. The best part about these points, is they scale to the SA trees as they are upgraded throughout the life of your players. The 300 flex is also refundable at 70% when you decide to retire your player. As they scale the value of that 300 flex follows the cost to upgrade an SA.

[edit] Tree Addon - What is it really Worth?

Below is some examples of what the addon is worth in skill points based on what your current SA tree looks like.

Current SA Tree = Skill Point Value

  1. Zero SA's = 6 Skill Points
  2. 2/2/2/2/2 = 11 Skill Points
  3. 4/4/4/4/4 = 16 Skill Points
  4. 6/6/6/6/6 = 21 Skill Points
  5. 8/8/8/8/8 = 26 Skill Points

Basically if you have 4/4/4/4/4 in any SA tree, buying the addon is worth 16 skill points or a 3 level advantage. Consider it next time you buy custom equipment.

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