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Comments by Bort:


[edit] What is sportsmanship?

FYI: Something with an XP modifier for players playing below their level WILL be implemented soon, in all leagues below Pro level. There will not be a bonus for being below the median level; just a penalty for being way too high leveled for your competition. This is an effect applied to each individual player, not a team as a whole.

The exact exact formula I am going to use will not be released, but median league level will be shown on the league page so each Owner/GM/Agent knows where their players stand. The median levels will be computed daily and the penalty will be based on your player's proximity to this avg. level number. There will be a reasonable minimum set for each region, so a whole bunch of new teams or players can't drag the level down too far.

For all the dissenters who just think things will work themselves out on their own: I urge you to take a look at the various dealings of this off-season and what owners will try to get away with when we have few limits. You cannot trust some gamers to work it out on their own. There will be a-holes who will exploit wherever they can.

Now take a look at the new capped "A" league. Any complaints of team stacking? They are working out nicely.

I can hear the complaints coming already, but if you're playing in a fair way (in the spirit of the game, and you know very well what it is) and are around the right level to compete with your league, you will see ZERO to little effect on your team and players. If you're one of the guys who's moved all your level 20's down to BBB level, well, karma's a bitch.

[edit] Sportsmanship

Ok, I was going to go to bed, but I'm going to clarify how things will work behind the scenes a little bit, since a lot of people are worried they are going to get screwed somehow. Please remember, this update is targeted at people who don't want to play within the "spirit of the game," not at people who do.

Every league will have a "recommended max level" posted on it's profile page. I'm going to to have to run the numbers to make sure I don't exclude too many people, but I think it will be somewhere around 8 levels above the median of the league (note that this is not the average level. Median is a bit higher).

Every player in the game has a "sportsmanship" score assigned to him. This score determines how far outside the "recommended level" range he is allowed to go before getting less XP, and what % he loses.

Doing various things related to signing improves, lowers, or resets the player's sportsmanship score.

I'm not going to give the exact amounts awarded/lost, or everything that will affect a player's sportsmanship score, nor will you be able to see the score, since I want to avoid this being exploited by min/maxers, and I do want this to illicit a little bit of fear for those who would seek to exploit it.

The types of things that improve or reset sportsmanship to the max: - Signing with a team where you are at or under the recommended level - Signing with a team where you are one of only 1-3 players above the recommended level (mentoring) - Playing a game with your team (sticking with the team) - Resigning with a team (limits per season apply) - Boosting - Being one of 3 or less players on the team owned by the same agent

The types of things that lower your sportsmanship score: - Signing as a FA with a team where you are more than 5 levels above the recommended level, even if you're "mentoring" - Signing in a league as a FA where you are above the recommended level with a team that already has 6 players over the recommended level - Signing on a team as a FA where you are above the recommended level along with more than 6 players that just came from the same team as you. Penalty increases if you also signed for min salary/bonus. - Taking multiple large signing bonuses in a short period of time from a team you own or GM - An admin can also lower your score manually if you've obviously tried to cheat

Now I'm pretty much giving everybody a clean slate at this point with a max sportsmanship score EXCEPT for some of the teams that have recently done some obvious stack/gut jobs. I'll be running some database reports to help track down those who flew under the radar, mostly looking for mass high level player movements from one team to a lower or new team, or signing bonus fraud.

[edit] I want to address a couple fallacies I have seen flying around over this:

Fallacy #1: This is happening today with no advance warning.<br> Response: Read the first post. I said this is happening soon, not today.<br>

Fallacy #2: This will punish me if I level up or boost but stick with the same team.<br> Response: This actually encourages you to stick with the same team for a long while. Note that all of the things that harm your sportsmanship score have to do with signing in a new leage as a FA. Stay on your team, level up, improve for the long haul = GREAT! Max XP!<br>

Fallacy #3: This means I can't recruit any high level players for my team.<br> Response. Note that you are afforded an "allowance" of over-the-limit players joining your team, with no penalty to them at all. You can recruit even more if they don't mind a possible penalty. This is not a hard cap, but rather an encouragement to not attempt to buy a championship overnight. You can recruit all the players you want who are under or slightly over the limit, and they can improve and boost over time to help you win that championship.<br>

Fallacy #4: This ruins my chance to have a "farm team."<br> Response: This encourages you to run your farm team in a responsible way. Lower leveled players go on the lower teams. Higher leveled players get sent up. There is no reason you should be sending your Pro or AAA level players down to BBB for a championship run after the Pro team is out of it.<br>

Fallacy #5: I won't know if I'm losing XP, or how much.<br> Response: Your XP history page will show how much XP you could have gained, and how much you actually got.<br>

Fallacy #6: This affects all XP gains!<br> Response: This only affect XP from games, not training.<br>

Fallacy #7: This will make friends teams split up after they level up too much.<br> Response: This will only make friends teams want to split up if they plan on moving their high level squad down to a level that's not appropriate. Stick together, where you are, and you will see no effect on your team whatsoever.<br>

Fallacy #8: This punishes me for having a bunch of my own players on my team.<br> Response: There is a bonus to sportsmanship gains for having multiple agents on your team, but there is no penalty for just being on your own.<br>

Fallacy #9: This gives promoted teams no chance in their new league.<br> Response: Promoted teams are going to be those who have risen to over their league cap over time, made some good moves, and played with a good strategy. The difference between tiers' caps is not going to be 10-12 levels. It will be more like 2-5. Once they've been promoted, that can even make some moves to bring in higher talent guys!<br>

Fallacy #10: This gives demoted teams a huge advantage.<br> Response: Demoted teams are most often teams where the owner gave up, didn't recruit well at all, are full of inactive players, or are in need of a "rebuilding" year. A team full of players near the next tier's cap is not going to be demoted unless they really suck at building players.<br>

Fallacy #11: Teams could throw an entire season just to get demoted and still beat up on me.<br> Response: They could try, but they would have their sportsmanship scores manually lowered by an admin. And really, the kind of people who want to beat up on lower level players are not the type of people who are going to sit through 40 days of losing on purpose.<br>

Fallacy #12: If I give my guys signing bonuses to buy equipment, they'll get hit with a penalty.<br> Response: The amount of money I'm talking about is relative to the player's level, and not in the realm of equipment costs. There have been some players who gave their player $2-3M in signing bonuses. Even if they do get hit with a penalty because you give them a ton of cash, the fact that they are sticking with their team and will already have a high sportsmanship score means that they won't be affected unless they're grossly over the limit of the league (like 12-20 levels).<br>

[edit] UPDATE:

Now that I've gotten everybody sufficiently riled up, some of the "sky is falling" has calmed down, and hopefully some of the would-be cheaters are worried , I'm going to break down how this update will be added and worked out:

1) The "suggested levels" will show up on the league pages sometime in the next few days. This should help newer players figure out what the different tiers are for, too, as an added benefit. 2) I'm going to start tracking sportsmanship scores pretty much right after that, but it won't affect any XP gains right away. 3) I'll be periodically running reports to watch what's going on over the next couple of (real life) weeks or so after I start the tracking. I'll use that time to adjust the bonuses and penalties to see who it will affect, why, and to make sure it affects the proper types of players. That means, as an added bonus, I'll have my eye on the less-sportsmanlike players more closely. 4) If it's getting too close to the trade deadline and things aren't where I'd like them to be, which is quite likely, I'll add the XP modifiers for season 4 (since XP doesn't matter in playoffs anyway).

One of the main things I want to stress is that I am not going to let this take too much time away from the tactics update. I wanted to get this out there so everyone knows it's coming, and would have their chance to freak out and finally accept it.

The fact of the matter is that I had planned on using the offseason time to work on nothing but the defensive tactics upgrade and new team additions. Instead, I have spent nearly the entire offseason pretty much doing nothing but responding to large numbers of legit and non-legit cheating complaint PM's, cleaning up messes left behind by cheaters, handing out fines, and yes, even banning some people who were two-time offenders. We NEED a system that encourages people to play in a sportsman-like fashion, and gives us an easy way to track who's not playing nice, so I can spend my time actually doing updates that add to the game instead of responding to riots every 12 hours.

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