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New players to the game can get started by following the following steps.

==Creating a Player==or use y The first step when getting started in Goal Line Blitz is to create a player. Players can be created by using Flex Points, or the one free player option (the option to create one free player can be found on the user's home page). To create additional players, click the Flex Points link in the menu bar to access the Flex Points page. This page allows users to spend Flex Points on various parts of the game, including Creating a New Player.

You must first give your player a unique name and choose a position for your player. Different positions cost varying amounts of flex points.

  • Glamor Positions (300 Flex Points): (QB) Quarterback, (HB) Running Back, (WR) Wide Receiver
  • Normal Positions (200 Flex Points): (FB) Fullback, (TE) Tight End
  • Non-glamor Positions (100 Flex Points): (C) Center, (G) Guard, (OT) Offensive Tackle, (K) Kicker, (P) Punter
  • Defense Positions: All Positions (200 Flex Points)

Demand for each position is listed based on how many teams are in the game and how many players of each position are active. It is strongly recommended to create a player in high demand in order to have an easier time getting onto a team and get maximum playing time.

Once you have created a player successfully, you will be able to choose your player's "Archetype" (the type of player you want him to be) and select a custom special ability for him. After clicking the "Submit" button you will be able to assign the player's attributes. How well your player does in games is based on these attributes. You will be able to set your player's height (short to tall) and weight (light to heavy) using sliders. You will also have 21 points to distribute into the player's attributes as part of the "Select Initial Attributes" process. When those points are assigned, click the "Submit" button to proceed. On the page that opens, the players will have 15 skill points to distribute between Special Abilities, Physical Attributes, Mental Attributes, and Football Skills. Yellow stars, on attributes and skills, indicate the more important "primary" attributes, while blue stars indicate "secondary" attributes.


[edit] Spending Skill Points

After assigning the initial 21 points in the "Select Initial Attributes" process, players will receive 15 skill points. Skill points can be spent on player attributes and special abilities to improve a players skills. You are not required to spend your skill points at this time. Once you spend a skill point, it is impossible to undo the choice so you must be careful when spending them. Once you have decided which attributes you want to improve, spend the skill points on those attributes.

[edit] Joining a Team

All new players are given contracts for three D-League (Developmental League) teams. These teams are controlled by CPUs and are designed for new players. It is important to check the roster of a D-League team to make sure that the team does not have too many players in your position. D-League teams will allow your players to gain experience without worrying about winning or losing. All players on the depth charts in D-League are substituted in and out of games frequently to help distribute playing time.

In addition to D-League teams, players can choose to join human owned teams. There are a few ways to find a human owned team. They are:

  • 1. Go to the "contract offers" tab and click on the "Get Offers from Needy Teams" or "Search for Teams" buttons to find offers.
  • 2. Click on the "Marketplace" tab, at the top of the screen, and submit an ad that can be viewed by team owners and GM's.
  • 3. Make a post in the Players Looking for Teams forum.
  • 4. Check the "Teams Looking For Players" forum and see if any team needs a player similar to yours.

[edit] Equipment

It is useful to buy equipment right away, as equipment allows you to increase your player's attributes. Equipment can be accessed from your player's page. You can equip one piece of equipment, per body part, at any time.

[edit] Tactics

Each player has tactics that can be set. These tactics depend on your players position. Set the tactics from the tactics links on your players page.

[edit] Lifetime Player Costs

Below is an example of the cost of creating a player and playing that player to it's max potential.


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