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A team's performance is affected by chemistry. There are three different types of chemistry for each team - overall, offense, and defense. A teams offense is more affected by the offense's chemistry than the overall chemistry (and not at all by the defense's chemistry), and vice versa.
Example Team Chemistry Bars

Chemistry works similar to morale and energy in that affects your team's performance on the field. It won't affect it nearly as much as energy or morale, but it will have an effect. A team with good chemistry will play better than a team with poor chemistry. This is supposed to prevent teams from rechurned out a completely different roster every season.

The minimum chemistry you can have is 10. The max is 100.


[edit] Calculating your team's chemistry

The first step in calculating the penalty is to calculate the chemistry “score” for a particular side of the ball by averaging the “overall” chemistry value with the particular side of the ball the player plays on. For example, if the overall chemistry is 70 and the offense chemistry is 80, the chemistry score will be 75 for the offensive players on the roster.

The second step is to apply the ratio, 1% attribute loss for every 10 points your chemistry score is off of 100. So for the example listed above, the 75 chemistry score will result in a 2.5% attribute loss to all offensive players.

The minimum chemistry can fall to is 10, with the maximum chemistry being 100.

[edit] Additional Info from Q+A Sessions

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Chemistry has an effect on the sim that is equal to approximately 1% per 10 points, so 10 chem = 9% (penalty)

[edit] Lowered Chemistry

Chemistry is lowered whenever a triggering event happens. The penalty for each move is normally:

  • Releasing or Trading a Human Player (-3)
  • Adding a player (-2)
  • Player's contract expires (-1)

This happens between day -x and day 18


  • Cutting a player that has been inactive for 1 week or more (0)
  • Signing/cutting players under Level 5 (0)
  • Signing/cutting CPU players (0)

[edit] Extra Chemistry Penalties

Moves made between day 19 and day 40 cost double the chemistry hit. Make your moves early in the season to avoid the extra hits. This means even if you send and/or accept a trade on day 18, it won't take place until the morning of day 19 and you will get hit with a double chemistry hit. Be advised!

[edit] Reduced Chemistry Penalties

Moves made during the offseason only cost -1, instead of the normal penalty.

[edit] Preseason

Preseason is counted as the regular season as far as chemistry penalties apply. All moves during the preseason will incur regular season penalties. (Day -x to day 18)

[edit] Chemistry Refills

Chemistry is refilled each night (including the offseason) using the following formula, up to 70: <pre> ((100 - current chemistry) / 20), rounded to the nearest integer</pre>

Amount Gain
10 5
11-30 4
31-50 3
51-70 2
70-99 1
100 0

[edit] Chemistry Grace Period

Whenever a team is sold to a new owner, its chemistry is reset to 70/70/70. Owners have a 4 day grace period where chemistry is not deducted for any roster moves.

[edit] Renegotiating Contracts Chemistry Cost

Renegotiating contracts has no effect on chemistry.

[edit] Chemistry Reset

Chemistry only resets when a team is sold. It goes to 70/70/70.
Note: When a GM takes over a team, team chemistry in not reset. Teams are transferred on an 'as is' basis.

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