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Since Goal Line Blitz follows an age-based league system, most teams will naturally promote to the next league in the heir achy at the end of each season. This movement happens on rollover from day 41 to day 42. There are exceptions that can be made to where a team is placed if a team follows the steps below.

[edit] Requesting Demotion

After day 32 of each season, an option to request demotion will become available to the team owner on the team's profile page called via the "New League Request" link.
New League Request Link

Owners should use this link to request a demotion. When team movements are processed, any players who do not fit into the requested age range will automatically be removed from the roster and the stadium, team cash, and fan support will be reset according to that league's starting levels.

There are exceptions to this rule, for example if your team has a roster that would qualify them to play in the age group that you are requesting (without having to release players)then your team may not face a cash/stadium reset. If your team is going to experience a reset, you will see a red warning appear on your "New League Request" form before it is submitted. An example of this is pictured to the right.

Stadium/cash reset warning

If your team's cash and stadium is reset, it will be to one of the following levels (depending on your request):

- Regional Pro- Stadium: All 100 Level, Both 200 sidelines; Cash: 14,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

-Semi Pro- Stadium: All 100 Level, Both 200 sidelines; Cash: 12,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- National Minor- Stadium: All 100 Level, 200 level home sideline; Cash: 10,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- Regional Minor- Stadium: All 100 Level except right endzone; Cash: 8,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- Local Minor- Stadium: Three 100 level corners; Cash: 6,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- University - Stadium: One 100 level corner; Cash: 4,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

- Prep- Stadium: No Additional Sections; Cash: 2,000,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

-Rookie/Sophomore- Stadium: No Additional Sections; Cash: 1,500,000; Fan Support: 30/10/0

Remember that team movements are always processed at the end of Day 41. That means we need new league requests to be submitted BEFORE the end of Day 41.

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