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[edit] What is Team Release?

During the off season, after the playoffs are finished, new leagues of teams are added to GLB. Team release usually occurs as a group of teams within the same geographical region.

Example: 256 Teams Released in Africa A#1-#8

[edit] When does Team Release Happen?

During the off season, around day 45 or so.

[edit] What Leagues are Next?

No one really knows but Bort. Sometimes he might not know until it's time to roll them out.

[edit] How can I get a new level-capped team not a gutted team?

The best way to get a new team and not get stuck with a gutted team is only selection regions and divisions on the selection list that are due for release. During the season while your on the wait list do not check any regions. You will gradually move your way down the wait list but won't be awarded a team. Directly after Bort announces what teams are being released as new cap teams, go back to the buy a team page and only check mark the regions/leagues you want.

[edit] How do I guarantee myself a non-capped team?

Set your settings for a league which already does exist and do not have a cap.

[edit] I was spot X on the list yesterday, now I'm spot X+50. What gives?

That means your account is less than 30 days old. If you have been here more than 30 days, you get preferential treatment over people who are still newer. Basically, it's to try to keep people from owning a team who are WAY too inexperienced to possibly handle it and force people to actually be here for most of a season and learn a thing or 2 before owning a team, something which effects many other Agents in the game.

Don't worry, as soon as you hit 30 days, you'll stop moving backwards on the list and will get your team soon enough. And if enough teams become available, you may get it sooner, anyway!

[edit] Why doesn't Bort announce the teams being released now? I need time to plan!

He doesn't want to either release too few teams (leaving wanting owners stuck waiting) or too many teams (flooding the market and causing all the new teams to not have enough players), so he waits until he can find a good middle ground and see where demand really is towards the end of the season. Also, he needs to make sure to have the server capacity in place and set up for more sims to run every day.

[edit] Are there going to be level caps on the new leagues? What will it be?

See Level Caps - The current standard is level 13 for new leagues (slowly raising from there through the season, 16 at midseason, 21 in second season mid, then gone), but there have been ideas to have even lower leagues start with lower caps (level 7-8). Basically, we'll know when Bort and DD decide.

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