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A reminder that ticket prices are now capped at 1.5 times expected. If you try to sell tickets for more than that, they will not sell.


[edit] What is Ticket Pricing?

Ticket pricing is the value at which you set the price for one ticket or one seat to a game. There is a maximum price people are willing to pay for tickets to your games. If you are riding a long winning streak, fans should be willing to pay more. If you've been losing a lot, fans will be looking to pay less. If you're not selling any tickets, try lowering your ticket prices and visit: Fan Support.

The first thing to understand is that there is no 'magic' number for your fan support. Each team is going to be different based on their fan support and league level.

[edit] Abbreviations

  • Sdl - Sideline
  • Cnr - Corner
  • EZ - End Zone
  • Box - Box Level seats
  • Ste - Luxury Suites

[edit] Expected Ticket Prices

Here is a chart showing the expected ticket prices across all of GLB.

Section Seat Type Minors Leagues Regional Pro National Pro/World League
100 Sideline Normal $42.00 $48.00 $50.00
100 Sideline Club $95.00 $115.00 $125.00
100 Corner Normal $36.00 $40.00 $42.00
100 Endzone Normal $32.00 $36.00 $38.00
200 Sideline Normal $32.00 $36.00 $38.00
200 Sideline Club $65.00 $75.00 $80.00
200 Sideline Suite $200.00 $250.00 $275.00
200 Corner Normal $26.00 $30.00 $32.00
200 Endzone Normal $22.00 $26.00 $28.00
300 Sideline Normal $15.00 $17.00 $18.00

[edit] Price Multiplier

Each league has different expected prices for each section which makes it difficult to compare prices in between different leagues. The standard for discussing prices in the forums is to specify the price multiplier above the expected prices.

  • Expected price of $20 and set price of $30 would be discussed as being 1.5x pricing for that level of seat.
  • Ticket prices are now capped at 1.5 times expected. If you try to sell tickets for more than that, they will not sell.

[edit] League Level Modifier

Ticket sales also have an unknown modifier that adjusts based on your league level. The reasoning behind it is that teams at lower levels shouldn't be able to sell tickets at the same rate as Pro and World level teams.

Use the expected prices table or the listed expected ticket prices on your ticket pricing page to help determine the prices for your tickets. That should help you get the most money for your team.

[edit] Regular Season Tickets

[edit] When do Ticket Sales Occur?

Basic 100 Level Settings
  • Sold at the end of every day during rollover (midnight MST).
  • Regular daily ticket sales process until you sell out of tickets or your Fan Support drops to a level where your fans won't pay the prices.
  • Tickets are sold in two batches, approximately 15-20 minutes apart.

[edit] Season Ticket Sales

  • Season ticket sales usually get processed the second day of the pre-season, right after team schedules are generated. Keep an eye on the Admin Announcements section for specific days relevant to the current season.
  • Only processed once per season. You will not sell season tickets again for that season so be careful of pricing too high.
  • Sold in two batches about 30-60 minutes apart.

[edit] Season Ticket Discount

This is a topic of great debate. Some say to never use the discount function because the games will likely sell out if priced right, which makes perfect sense. However, there are reasons you may want to use the discount.

Is it a good idea to set a discount?

  • The NO side of the fence:
    • Your tickets should sell for every home game if you take care in pricing them correctly.
    • If you are a new team or a team with already low fan support and you forecast a winning season, it's best to not set a discount. As you win, your fan support will increase and you will be able to sell tickets for a higher price later in the season. You don't want to sell those seats out at a lower price when you can get more out of them later.
  • The YES side of the fence
    • If you are rebuilding your team with decent fan support and you are foretasted to lose a number of games, it would be best to place a small discount on season tickets to try to sell them quickly, before your fan support drops too low.
    • There are also occasions where you may want to use some of the season ticket sales to expend your stadium seating. Remember, the more seats you have, the more concessions you are able to get during your home games.

[edit] Tips for Maximizing Profits

  • Each night, constantly tweak your prices as long as there are seats left.
    • If at current multiplier, seats were sold for the next game in that section, raise multiplier by 0.05x to 0.1x.
    • If at current multiplier, seats were not sold for next game in that section, or are selling slowly, lower multiplier by 0.05x to 0.1x.
    • If you have many tickets left to sell in certain sections the night before a game, you may need to do a one-night drastic drop (.3x to .5x or more) to try to sell the section out. The more people you have in your seats, the more Concessiosn you will sell.

[edit] Help! I Didn't Sell Any Tickets!

Tickets won't sell if you have them priced too high. Make sure your fan support is good enough to sell tickets at the price you have set them and that you are not trying to sell them too high for your current league level.

  • A reminder that ticket prices are now capped at 1.5 times expected. If you try to sell tickets for more than that, they will not sell.
  • If you didn't sell any tickets, your ticket prices are probably set too high compared to your fan support or you are priced too high for your league level.
  • Not selling out on the first ticket sale can be a good thing. Gradually lower your prices in each section until you sell tickets.
  • Your main goal is to only sell out your next game.
  • You sometimes will have to compromise between selling out the next game, losing a little on ticket sales, and not selling seats and losing concession sales from those empty seats.

[edit] Examples

Example of how to price your tickets based on sale prices from highest to lowest:


  • 200 Suite
  • 100 Club
  • 100 SL
  • 100 Corner
  • 100 EZ
  • 200 SL
  • 200 Club
  • 200 Corner
  • 200 EZ
  • 300 SL


Below is an example of possible ways to price tickets using a graduated pricing scale.

Section Ticket Prices
100SL 2.0x
100CLB 2.2x
100CNR 1.8x
100EZ 1.7x
200SL 1.6x
200CLB 2.2x
200LUX 2.3x
200CNR 1.5x
200EZ 1.45x
300SL 1.3x

[edit] Playoff Tickets

Playoff Tickets are sold before the playoff game. Each team has 2 days of ticket sales for the playoffs, both rollovers before the game. Each day of sales actually processes in two waves each night of ticket sales. Your first sale will come the night after your last playoff game. Your second sale will come the next day. Home teams can benefit from changing the scale of the ticket pricing for this sale based on Fan Support. Away teams receive a set amount based on the number of seats they have (50% expected value, scales by league). If your an away team you do not have to set ticket prices, they won't matter. Playoff Tickets are sold at a set price of 50% expected value.

  • Regional Pro, National Pro, and World League playoff teams will sell tickets at zero cost meaning there is no ticket revenue. Home teams will still receive revenue from concession sales. In addition, home playoff teams will receive the Free Nachos non-premium promotion at no cost.

[edit] Away Team Ticket Sales: The Jumbotron

  • Away teams sell tickets at 1/2 expected price (for viewing the game on their stadium's jumbotron).
  • No concessions are sold for this event.
  • Tickets are sold morning of day before playoff game.
  • You do not have to set the price, it is automatic, and you always sell out all the seats.

[edit] Guidelines for Re-Pricing Tickets for Home Teams

  • Sell more than 1/2 of stadium in night 1 ==> keep your prices the same (or lower 0.1x) for the next day
  • Sell less then 1/2 of stadium in night 1 ==> lower your prices by 0.3x-0.5x.
  • Night 2 is last shot to sell tickets; don't price too high or you could lose a ton of potential profit.

[edit] Estimated Scale for Playoff Ticket Sales

Maximum playoff ticket price for home team is 3x (for 100/100/100 teams). 3x for teams 100/100/99 sells zero tickets.

  • Keep in mind that having 100/100/100 fan support does NOT mean that you will sell out all of your tickets at 3x. Remember, your league level also has an effect on how much you can sell tickets for.
  • Also, the multiplier does NOT effect each section the same. Club Seat usually goes for higher, corner & end zone for less. (See graduated example above)


Fan Support Playoff Ticket Price Multiplier
Low Medium High Day 1 Day 2
100 100 100 3x 3x
100 100 99 2.6x 2.3x
100 100 72 2.5x 2.25x
100 100 50 2.5x 2.2x
100 70 35 2.4x 2.0x
100 50 20 2.2x 1.8x
100 30 10 2x 1.6x
100 10 0 1.7x 1.3x

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