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Most of this information is from updates or announcements.


[edit] Trade and Cut Deadline

[edit] Trade Rules

  1. Maximum of one trade between any two teams within a 12 day period (so, 2 trades per season's trade period between two teams).
  2. Maximum 3 players on each side of a trade.
  3. When the playoffs start, trading will be re-enabled for all teams who are not in the playoffs, but not for those in the playoffs. Cuts are not re-enabled, however.
  4. New trading rule - a player may not be traded for 3 days after being signed (not applied to renegotiations).
    1. This will soon extend to not allowing trades within 3 days of being traded as well (no turn around trades). This is needed to address some problems with some updates for season 5. (unknown if this has been implemented)
  5. Trades can be retracted after being accepted FOR ONE HOUR]. After the hour is up, the trade is locked in. Make sure you still check your trade offer before hitting accept!
  6. Trades between (2) teams owned by the same Agent can only be made for another player(s). Trades for cash are not allowed due to the potential exploitation of cash funneling.

[edit] Cut Rules

  1. Always unlimited cuts of CPU players.
  2. Unlimited cuts of human players during the offseason, and up to week 2 (day 4).
  3. 2 human players cut per day maximum during the regular season, after day 4.
  4. Players may no longer be cut within 6 days of signing a contract.
  5. CPUs may now be cut after the trade deadline, but you may not go under 55 players.
  6. 55 man limit for cuts has been lifted for off-season. Day 41 and higher only, once the preseason starts the limit comes back.
  7. When the playoffs start no teams are allowed to cut players.

[edit] Traded players on depth chart

  1. You cannot be assigned to a depth chart if you played a game for a different team within the last day. Because of the energy change, no same-day or next day games; since this is a bonus XP loophole. Plan your trades accordingly. Just think of it as the player requiring a day to get to your team and get settled in.

[edit] Free Agent Rules

  1. Teams in the playoffs will not be able to sign FA's until they are eliminated or the playoffs are over. This is to combat some of the problems raised with players releasing themselves when not getting paid (which will be turned on shortly). FA signings are allowed up until the first round of playoffs are complete. Once the first round is over, teams still in playoffs will not be able to sign FA's.

[edit] Re-signing after being cut or traded

  1. Players who were released or traded by your team MAY NOT re-sign with the team within 20 days of their leaving.
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