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[edit] What is Equipment?

Equipment is used to increase your attributes or SAs. Basically it makes your player better. There are currently three different kinds of equipment. Custom Equipment (CE), Advanced Equipment, and Regular Equipment.

Overview Of Equipment

[edit] Equipment and Training

Equipment has no effect on how much training progress you get.

[edit] Basic Equipment

Basic Equipment is purchased at no cost. Every player is eligible for one full set of basic equipment that is eligible for an upgrade every 8 levels. You can enhance basic EQ by adding a special ability or a percentage bonus, the cost to do so is in Bonus Tokens. You can create another basic EQ piece to replace the enhanced piece, however you can only have one per EQ position (head, body, hands, feet).

[edit] Custom Equipment

The second kind of equipment a player can get is called custom equipment. This cost Flex Points to get. You can create a custom piece in the equipment section of your players page or buy clicking on ‘Flex Points’ tab on the top bar, or by clicking on the "buy equipment" link on your player's EQ page and selecting the "build custom" tab.You must give the equipment a name and can upload a picture (uploading a picture is optionally, naming it is mandatory). You are allowed a maximum of +6 skill points into whatever skill you want, each skill point costs 100 FP. There are unlockable SA trees for custom EQ, at level 8 you are able to choose a SA tree and get +1 to all SA in that tree, this costs 300 FP, level 32 a +3% modifier or +1 to SA for 50 flex, level 56 a +3% modifier or +1 to SA for 50 flex, and Level 72 a +6% modifier or +2 to SA for 100 flex. The Flex spent for unlocking SA trees is non-refundable.

Total a player could get is +12% (subject to AEQ stacking limitations), +4 to SA.

  1. Click on the equipment tab on top of your player's page to get to the equipment section.
  2. The reason one or more of your skills are blue is because it is boosted by a piece of equipment.
  3. It is NOT one or the other, you can get both the +6 to skills and the +1 to a SA tree (once you hit level 8 of course)
  4. You can upgrade custom equipment at any time of your players career, you don't have to buy everything at once (get 3 SP for 300 flex at level 4, then at level 20 you can buy the other 3 SP).
  5. Once you buy equipment you can not change it (custom) so think wisely before clicking on the buy button.
  6. If you sell Custom Equipment you get 70% of the Flex Points back. This does not include any Flex spent for unlocking SA trees.

See Special Ability Tree Boost for more information about the Custom Equipment SA upgrade.

[edit] Advanced Equipment

Review Advanced Equipment for more details.

Advanced EQ is similar to basic EQ but it can also can give you bonuses to SA's and certain percentages like + 3% chance to deflect a ball, etc. Advanced EQ costs bonus tokens to purchase and costs 30 BT per upgrade.

On advanced equipment, for each additional piece you wear the effectiveness of that piece is reduced by 50%. It works as follows:

1st piece of AEQ - 100% value of the +%
2nd piece of AEQ - 50% value of the +%
3rd piece of AEQ - 25% value of the +%
4th piece of AEQ - 12.5% value of the +%

For example, if you had three pieces of +20% Force Fumble gear, this would be the total stack value:


For a total stack value of +35%. The highest +% piece counts for the 100% item and the second highest +% piece would count for the 50% item.

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